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We’re thrilled to be able to share this awesome interview between Tavia Yeung Yi 楊怡, a famous and beloved Hong Kong actress, and Audella Bridal House. 

Tanvi is wearing Ersa Altelier gown named "Bloom".

Tavia is wearing Ersa Altelier gown named “Bloom”.

Q1: It’s clear that you take good care of yourself and by clear I mean you’re smokin’ hot. What do you do to keep in great shape? 顯然你懂得照顧自己。你明艷照人,是怎樣保持美好身段呢?

Answer: Every bride wishes to be stunning on the wedding day, I am no exception. To prepare for the wedding, paying extra attention on diet is critical. Getting enough sleep, healthy diet, moderate exercise with a light-hearted spirit is the key. You need to take good care of yourself to be a shining bride. 每個新娘子都希望在婚禮當天明豔照人,我也不例外,婚禮在即,新娘子飲食護理更加重要,充足睡眠休息,飲食清淡, 適量運動和保持輕鬆心情就是最關鍵,想做最美新娘子就必須照顧好自已。


Q2: The wedding banquet was very heartwarming. Can you tell us how you have come to decide on this kind of banquet? 你的婚禮盛宴幸福洋溢。可否告訴我們你是怎樣決定這種形式?

Answer: We want to create exactly that – heartwarming and sweet. With blush, purple, white as primary colour palettes, the setting is like a fairy tale which we wish all guests to be in. 我們想要一種幸福甜蜜感覺,所以用了紫色粉色白色為主色,令所有人感覺置身於童話世界。



Q3: In terms of styling, you picked ERSA Atelier “Bloom” and “Margaret” gowns. What do you like about them? 有關服裝造型,你選擇了 ERSA Altelier 名爲“Bloom” “Margaret” 的婚紗。你喜歡的是什麼呢?

Answer: As for the two ERSA gowns, I love the lace detailing and ball gown style which give a elegant and grand feel. Also, they would look timeless and fashionable even after years when looking back at the pictures.  對於兩條 ERSA 的婚紗,最喜歡她們的lace 以及裙形,給人高貴大方得體的感覺,而且穿上後拍照可以保留很久也不失時尚感。



Q4: You look stunning on BERTA dress, which looks very unique. Can you tell us more about the look? 你穿上 BERTA 簡直漂亮得令人驚嘆,造型截然不同,可否告訴我們更多關於這條裙?

Answer: BERTA has sparkling factor and luxurious feel to it. It’s more figure-hugging, yet light-weight. I wear with comfort. BERTA 這條裙比較閃亮及奢華,而且也比之前兩條更修身,輕巧。穿上十分舒服。

She turns into a glamorous beauty with renowned sparkling Berta gown.

She turns into a glamorous beauty with renowned sparkling Berta gown.


Thanks Tavia again for talking to us. Audella wishes her a lifetime of sweetness and love.
Exclusive interview with Tavia Yeung (楊怡) on her wedding