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African Brides: How and Where to Find Your African Soulmate

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Speaking of international dating, Africa, obviously, is not the first country that springs to mind in this context, and an African mail order wife may sound like an oxymoron to many people. Even though Africa is the second-largest and the second-most populous continent in the world, not so many people are interested in the characteristics of this magnificent region. But from my experience, Africa certainly has plenty to offer. 

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Apart from unforgettable locations, rich cultural and environmental heritage, delicious food, and vibrant traditional music, another thing that is worth your attention is African brides. 

Africa is on the list of the best places to find a wife for a reason. So, in case you plan to visit Africa and find your African wife there, you’ll need to learn more about African mail order brides. Follow my guide to learn the most important information about the most popular African countries and services that will help you meet African single women as hot as a tropical night.  

African Brides: Facts You Need to Know About African Women

The unique beauty of African women is no news for American men. African wives don’t follow modern beauty trends and, frankly, don’t need any plastic surgeries. They’re naturally gorgeous without any special effort. But their external beauty isn’t the only thing. Despite numerous stereotypes, African brides can easily juggle a successful career, household chores, and wife duties. 

And there are many more facts you probably didn’t know about African women. So I’d like to highlight them for you in the following list.

  • Despite a persisting idea of gender equality in Africa, African ladies still remain underrepresented in official roles. In Africa, female representativeness in parliament makes up about 24%, which is pretty close to the global average. But unfortunately, only Southern Africa and Eastern Africa can boast 31% and 32% of women’s parliamentary representation. Other subregions fall over 10% points behind, which throws them back to stages long since passed through in more developed countries. However, with an ever-growing presence of African women as public leaders, they directly contribute to regional and international development in the spheres of gender justice, economic growth, peace, and security, as well as advanced technology. 
  • I have to admit that African women are extremely hard-working. But not only on the level of a regular office job. Just like African men, local women get up very early and do everything in their power to support their families. You can see them plow fields and yield crops, completely submerged in manual labor. At the same time, many women in some African countries stay unemployed, and female participation in the field of labor remains very low. At the same time, I have noticed that conditions of employment are often patchy throughout Africa. For example, women in North Africa don’t have decent access to employment. In contrast, Central and Southern African women are used to working very hard in order to provide for their families. Because of the persisting gender gap in Northern Africa and the Arab States, the female youth unemployment rate is almost double that of young men, reaching as high as 44.3% and 44.1%, respectively. Nonetheless, in South Africa, the richest part of the region, the female labor force participation rate is quite close to what you can observe in the US.
  • In general, Africa is not the safest place in the world for women. Local women are often subjected to discrimination, social pressure, domestic violence, sexual and financial exploitation, and legal problems. And these are basically the main reasons why African women become mail order brides and have a strong desire to move to other countries. 

Perks of Dating African Ladies 

Apart from their obvious physical attractiveness, I should say that African women have outstanding personalities. They’re highly motivated and confident as well as they love to learn new things and devote much time to self-development. And I’d like to share with you some other reasons why dating an African woman is a great idea and an unforgettable experience for western guys. 

  • As I mentioned previously, Africa is the second most populous continent, with about 16% of the world’s population. And statistically, over 50% of locals are under 25. So chances are that your future African mail order wife will be pretty young. However, speaking about African brides, being young doesn’t mean being immature. African girls are raised in conditions where difficulties and hardships are common. For this reason, they become mature and skillful at a very young age, especially when you compare them with European or American women.
  • Although there are not so many opportunities for career development, I have noticed that most African women are well-educated and have a strong potential to grow professionally. For this reason, African brides are interested in fields that a more accessible for American and European women yet are not very common within the African region. In particular, I mean IT, medicine, finance, and technology. So all African women, from South African brides to Egyptian ladies, make independent and self-sufficient partners in a serious relationship which is highly important for any western man.
  • African women stick to their family, social, and cultural traditions in any circumstances. And family is not just an empty word for them. For this reason, an African wife remains very loyal, supportive, and caring to her husband no matter what. I genuinely believe that African brides know how to make a husband feel special. Next to such a woman, you feel like a man in a constant holiday of mind and body.

Cons of Dating African Women

Of course, the main priority in relationships is the ability to love all personal qualities in your partner. But even with this in mind, nobody is perfect, and we all have our flaws. And African brides are not an exception. However, ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not to consider these as disadvantages. 

  • Even though an African woman is looking for a supportive partner, I can say that she is naturally very strong and independent. And this may seem a disadvantage, especially for those who want a submissive wife. But these qualities are explained by the fact that an African mail order bride is, in the first place, a woman who has come through many struggles in her life. Africa is a country with a high poverty level, so African women need to be mentally strong, and, in my opinion, indeed, they are.
  • At first, African lady may seem a bit materialistic. But I learned later that it’s only about her ambitiousness and unrealized potential. It’s necessary for African brides to work twice as hard as women from other countries in order to achieve the desired results. 

Who is African Mail Order Bride?

African lady becomes mail order bride for a number of reasons. In particular, the economic situation and living conditions in such countries as Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia are not that high. And it’s quite obvious to me that beautiful, well-educated, and hard-working African brides want a better life for themselves and are ready to work towards it in a better country. 

Also, while traveling throughout Africa, I have noticed that African men usually take local ladies for granted and don’t pay attention to them at the level that they truly deserve. For this reason, African women register on various international dating sites in search of more caring, loyal, and family-oriented western men. 

African women and, especially, South African ladies want to live and build careers in a free country where women’s rights wouldn’t be violated. And that’s why an African girl will look for a foreign husband on online dating sites. 

General information

An African mail order bride is a woman who joins a matchmaking service that is tailored to set her up with a man from another country. African women publish their photos and personal information on dating websites, so foreign men can look at them and get acquainted personally. 

And normally if you’re interested in finding an African mail order wife, you have to pay for the membership on mail order brides services which allows you to communicate and date African women. With time, you may decide to travel to Africa and meet local women there, go on dates, and even propose marriage to your chosen one.

How do mail order brides work?

Often, acquaintance with an African mail order bride online is preceded by a lengthy and complex search for an appropriate dating site. And this is not surprising since among countless available platforms, you’ll need to find the best one. I recommend you give preference to sites that are focused solely on African regions, provide paid features, and have positive reviews from real users. 

Finding a truthful and effective dating platform is already half the battle. Then, you’ll need to create your personal profile. Add some information about you and at least several photos in order to make your profile more appealing for African single women. 

After completing this process, I suggest you define for yourself exactly who you are interested in and use integrated search tools that will offer you the best matches among African ladies based on your specific parameters and taste. 


African mail order brides, as well as mail order brides services, are totally legal in the United States. Western men who meet African women through these providers can marry African ladies both in their motherland and in the US. Please note that when your African mail order wife is eligible for a K-1 visa, it will be possible for her to enter the US and get married there within 90 days after her arrival. 


Obviously, ‘to buy a wife’ doesn’t mean that an African girl will arrive like an Amazon package. It’s more about the potential expenses involved in the search process. So let’s discuss in detail how much it costs to buy a wife from Africa. 

💻Online dating✈Offline dating (for a 2-week trip)💒Legal expenses
💳Paid membership on the dating site $100-$150 per month 💸Flight tickets: $800-$1,200 (from the US to almost any African country)🛂K-1 visa: about $900
💳Virtual and real gifts (the prices depend on your generosity)💸Accommodation: $300-$400 in Nigeria and Egypt and $800 in South Africa🛂Adjustment of status fee: $1140
💲Total: from $1200 per year💸Transportation: $100 in Nigeria, $200 in Egypt, and $200-$300 in South Africa💲Total: about $2100
💸Food: $80-$100 in Nigeria, $150 in Egypt, and $300 in South Africa
💸Entertainment and sightseeing: $300 in Nigeria and Egypt and $450 in South Africa
💲Total: about $2100 in Nigeria, $2250 in Egypt, $3000 in South Africa

African Wedding Traditions and Customs

If you are going to connect your life with an African woman, I strongly recommend you to seriously approach this important moment and learn more about the local customs and wedding traditions. And I am ready to help you with this.

Family traditions 

In most African cultures, it is expected that the groom’s family should pay a bride’s price. However, I have noticed that there are some cultures where the wedding procedures are different. For example, there can be a procedure of bride price, which is also followed by the gifts that are given to the bride’s family. And this procedure, in turn, will be followed by the African bride buying groceries for the groom’s family. 

Another tradition is particularly popular in Gambia, where a man who wants to marry an African woman sends Kola nut as a proposal declaration. And if the woman’s family accepts it, the man’s family members meet with the bride’s family and decide on a date for breaking the Kola nut. 

I was at many weddings throughout Africa. And spraying money on the African bride during the wedding party is another popular African wedding tradition that is mainly practiced in West Africa. In fact, there isn’t a set time for family members or friends to spray money on the newlyweds. But in most cases, it’s done when the couple hits the dancefloor. 

Wedding dress

Africa is a large continent, so the customs vary in many African countries, especially what concerns traditional wedding dresses. So here’s what I saw in different parts of Africa. 

  • North Africa People who live in North Africa make up the majority of the Muslim population in the region. For this only reason, all the local wedding rituals and traditions mainly stem from Muslim practice. So wedding dresses here should also be conservative, with no bare arms and legs. 
  • West Africa West African traditional wedding dresses are called Aso Ebi. And usually, both newlyweds pick different color schemes for their wedding clothes. 
  • East Africa From my experience, the wedding traditions in East Africa as well as the local features of wedding dresses, are mirrored in the North.
  • Central and South Africa Couples in this region carry out a conventional white wedding. Apart from the African traditional wedding dress that is definitely worth attention, South African brides here also wear specially designed headwear called Isicholo.

Additionally, Antonio Riva, Italian most popular wedding designer, claims that

Antonio Riva
Fashion Designer

It’s always important to pay more attention and spend more time in order to find the perfect wedding dress. So while preserving traditions, it’s also necessary to consult fashion designers, develop your own sense of style, and be interested in wedding trends.


Celebrations in South Africa differ from those held in the West, but I have noticed one thing in common – African weddings are always big and magnificent. Local wedding traditions cover the gamut, so you can expect everything, from danceable music to a bevy of unique local and international dishes. 


African cuisine unites the cuisine of many countries of the continent, and each country has its own culinary traditions. Still, most African weddings have a very standard menu that consists of dishes with rice, vegetables (mostly beetroot), nuts, salads, and meat (mostly beef and chicken). 

Top 7 African Countries to Find a Wife

Interested in African women but confused about where to start your romantic journey? I am here to help you and share the list of the best African countries to find an African wife. 

  • South Africa

Beautiful women from South Africa have a lot to offer to their foreign husbands. Due to the wide variety of ethnic groups in South Africa, single women from this part of the continent don’t have one stereotypical appearance. All South African women have their distinctive and genuine charm.

Typically, ladies from South Africa devote much time to their looks, have a natural sophistication and sense of style. From my experience, South African brides are not only physically attractive but also possess all the necessary qualities you will definitely appreciate in your future wife.

A woman from South Africa will do her best in order to make you happy and pleased. South African women are strong, responsible, and hard-working, as well as are determined to become the perfect wives for reliable foreign men with serious intentions.

  • Best city for dating: Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the world’s most multicultural cities, a place where the fast-paced rhythm of big-city life effortlessly merges with bewitching nature. So it’s not surprising that single women from all over South Africa are drawn here to find new life and love in Cape Town. In my opinion, dating in Cape Town will bring you an unforgettable experience of wonderful dates with South African beauties. And, just as importantly, your trip to Cape Town will acquaint you with the unique culture of this amazing region.

  • Nigeria

Undoubtedly, Nigeria is one of the most popular countries in Africa to find a wife. Nigeria is one of the most demographically diverse countries in Africa and can boast of some of the most beautiful ladies on the African continent. Also, I have noticed that African females from Nigeria are goal oriented as much as they are family oriented and can easily combine family life and career development.

  • Kenya

Kenyan girls can easily compete for the status of the prettiest women in the world. And it’s not only about their extraordinary hairstyles, natural charm, or traditional beauty. Kenyan girls deeply care about responsibility, morality, and family values. Divorce is not a welcome action in this country, so African mail order brides from this country are very thoughtful and selective with their husbands.

  • Tanzania

If you’re looking for a family-oriented woman, I think that Tanzania will be the best place to start. Local women take the creation of a family seriously and keep all customs and rituals that help develop the family. African mail order brides from Tanzania are very calm and reserved by nature, so there is no room for scandal in their households. Also, if you want to have a lot of children, you should definitely marry a woman from Tanzania since it’s customary to have many kids in this country.

  • Morocco 

The women in Morocco have uniquely sensual features and are very beautiful by nature. They always honor their husbands and remain loyal in relationships and marriage no matter what. Also, Morocco doesn’t prohibit polygamy. So if you practice it, you will easily find an understanding wife in this country.

  • Ethiopia

Without a doubt, your heart will skip a beat when you see beautiful women from Ethiopia for the first time. African mail order brides from Ethiopia are curvy, sensual, and seductive while at the same time quite modest and homely. All these qualities make them a perfect wives.

  • Ghana

I was pleasantly surprised that Ghanaian women are very friendly and welcoming. They’re also loyal and loving. Family is the main value in their life. The women of Ghana play pivotal roles in their households, performing multiple tasks in housekeeping, nurturing, as well as income-earning work at the same time.


Most Popular Brides From Africa

African women on this list is a living proof that when an African girl is given an equal chance for an education, it becomes possible for her to achieve everything and, what’s more important, help the whole world in the process. 

Khanyi Dhlomo is one of the most influential women in the South African media industry. She has her own publishing house that holds various magazines and books. Khanyi Dhlomo is using her personal success to help women and young professionals so that they broaden their career opportunities in their respective fields. 

Bonang Matheba is an influential media personality who broadcasts on TV screens and radio waves, as well as inspires via her social media. She believes that education is one of the most important things anyone can have and now raising awareness about the African girls who don’t have decent access to education.

Nomzamo Mbatha is an African television star who has centered her career around helping children in Africa. Along with this, Mbatha also strongly advocates for affordable and effective mental health care.

Wrapping up

If you’re interested in sexy African brides, you can be sure that dating these women will become the most unforgettable experience in your life. African lady is loving, caring, loyal, and respectful. And there are tens of thousands of single African women for every taste. 

All you need is just join a site with African mail order brides, add some photos and information about yourself, and the site will help you find your second half in one of the African countries. So don’t waste your time on doubt, and start creating your love story today!


How much is the African bride’s price?

The prices of getting an African bride might vary from one country to another, and you should consider spending about $4.5K to get an African bride. When compared to other nations, getting a woman for marriage from this region is more cost-effective.

What do African brides wear?

There are many types of attire you can discover in Africa. For example, Dashiki is quite popular in West Africa. It’s a long dress that covers the major parts of the body, and a similar dress is worn in Kenya and Tanzania, but there it’s called Kitenge.

What is an African mail order bride?

Any African woman desiring to find a man for long-term bonds can appeal to the help of international dating services, and this is how they become mail order wives. So, an African mail order bride is a woman trying to find a real man for real bonds or marriage.

Where to find an African bride?

You can easily find African women for marriage on the top dating sites that you can find on our website. Or you can try your luck with the most popular spots in Africa. You can discover places like El Fanar Beach, ESP Night Club, Django Bar, etc.

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