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Asian Brides: Everything You Need to Know to Find Your Asian Wife

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As a full-fledged travel enthusiast from a young age, I just love to explore new cultures and countries. So my decision to go to Asia was quite well-reasoned. It’s the world’s largest and most populous continent with multiple nationalities, long and honored traditions, and a myriad of cultures and ethnicities. 

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However, not only spiritual and historical heritage attracts travelers to this region. Western men go mad over the exotic beauty of Asian brides and want to find a future wife among them.

But what are the reasons for choosing an Asian mail order bride as your lifetime partner? How to find an Asian bride? And what countries are the best to look for an Asian wife? Combining my travel experience and vast expertise in the dating industry, I prepared a comprehensive and effective guide to answer all these questions for you. So let’s get to it! 

Why are Asian Mail Order Brides Perfect for Marriage?

The number of Asian mail order brides is growing dramatically. And it’s quite understandable because when a man gets tired of stubborn and demanding western ladies, he strives for someone mysterious and sensual. Something that only an Asian girl can give. 

Obviously, all Asian brides possess exceptional beauty. But their external beauty is not the only thing. 

While traveling throughout Asia, I met many Asian wives, and I noticed that they don’t feel seen enough for who they are on the inside, their inner qualities, and their uniqueness. So in this section, I’d like to tell you more about what really makes Asian brides so special and desirable.

  • Family and marital fidelity are not empty words for an Asian bride. From an early age, Asian girls are taught to honor a husband as the head of a family. Local culture, religion, and traditions see divorce as the biggest shame of the family. So, for example, when in the United States and Canada, about 40% of marriages end in divorce, in Japan the rate is only 1.2%. As a matter of fact, an Asian bride will be loyal to the end. Asian girlfriend will love, support, and respect you with all her heart, which makes her the perfect wife material.
  • I believe that Asian brides are some of the most intelligent and capable women in the world, but their public image is often distorted. Speaking of dating hot Asian girls, many western men are worried about linguistic and cultural barriers. However, from my personal experience, these doubts are unjustified. Although not all Asian wives graduated from prestigious universities, many of them still possess a high level of academic and cultural education. And in recent years, enrolment of Asian girls and women in secondary education has increased considerably and now is about 60%, and in tertiary – 26%
  • In terms of English proficiency, most Asian brides speak English quite fluently. For example, Singapore has English as one of its official languages, so most local brides can speak decent English. Also, in one of my foreign projects, I worked with an Asian girl from the Philippines. And I must say that her English was superb. During my countless encounters on this trip, I also met Asian mail order women from different Asian societies, particularly from India and Pakistan. And though they were not very confident about their English, I understood them perfectly. Asian brides from China are mostly western educated, and learning English is a part of their school program. So their English is even better than that of women from Latin America. 
  • The average age for the first marriage varies across Asian countries. For example, Asian brides from South Asia have the lowest age of first marriage – 20 years. At the same time, Asian women from Central Asia are in no hurry to tie knots, and the average age for the first marriage in this region is 27. And there are many factors that contribute to the delay, like the high cost of marriage, rising education levels, severe societal competition, and many more. But as a fact, it’s great to admit that your future Asian wife will be pretty young! 
  • However, being young in the context of Asian mail order brides doesn’t mean being immature. By nature, beautiful Asian women are extremely hardworking and determined. An Asian bride always sets short and long-term goals and strives to achieve them for herself and the well-being of her family. Asian girls, especially from East Asia (China and Japan), are very diligent and industrious. Female participation in the labor force in this region is 44.1% which is much higher than in South and Southeast Asia. At the same time, this factor makes Asian ladies from East Asia more demanding than their compatriots from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam.
  • Asian mail order brides are famous for their humble and timid nature. But it doesn’t mean that they are boring. Most Asian women for marriage whom I met during my journey were striking and fascinating interlocutors. What’s more important, Asian ladies have a brilliant sense of humor. At the same time, beautiful Asian girls never go beyond the bounds of decency or morality and will behave with dignity, whatever their circumstances. 
  • An Asian girl will never make a scene or start fighting in front of other people, so you’ll never feel ashamed because of her excessive emotionality. 
  • Spirituality plays a pivotal role in all Asian cultures. So material aspects of life are secondary for most Asian mail order brides. For this reason, whatever difficulties life may bestow upon an Asian girl, she will not let them get her down. The contribution of all life’s misfortunes to the big picture of her life is just minimal. And you can see that in a placid and gentle smile that never leaves the face of an Asian mail order bride. That’s why hot Asian women make wonderful wives for those who want to have a relaxed and peaceful life in which everything around radiates hope, confidence, and warmth.

Cons of Dating Asian Women

As human beings, we all have our flaws, and hot Asian brides are not an exception. So here is another side of Asian women for marriage. 

  • Without any doubt, a beautiful Asian woman can love and respect unconditionally. But it doesn’t mean that an Asian mail order wife is submissive and obedient. It’s nothing more than an obsolete stereotype. In fact, an Asian bride is not afraid to openly express her own opinions, habits, and desires. And sometimes even in a pretty strict manner. But if you are looking for a self-sufficient partner rather than a quiet and desperate housewife, you’ll definitely enjoy a hot Asian woman by your side. 
  • It is a well-known fact that Asian cultures are predominantly collectivist, as opposed to individualist Western cultures. An Asian bride values her family and the circle of closest ones above all. And although she may put them aside as soon as she becomes your Asian wife, this doesn’t mean she will abandon her connections altogether at once. So you must come to terms with the fact that your beautiful Asian wife will spend a lot of time with her relatives and friends and value their opinions and interests. 
  • Sometimes, Asian brides can be quite indecisive and insecure. Before making a final decision, even on the smallest issues, they must always consider all the opinions of everyone who matters to them. So be ready to answer numerous questions from your Asian wife before she decides to act. But in reality, what may look like insecurity is her utmost consideration. 

Who is Asian Mail Order Bride?

Generally speaking, Asian mail order brides are women from different Asian countries who want to have serious and long-lasting relationships with a foreign man like you. They register on various international dating sites to get acquainted with men from western countries. 

And there are many reasons why Asian women become mail order brides. And although these reasons vary in their complexity, as a matter of fact, the desire to love and be loved in return unites all Asian brides. So if you want to start dating Asian women online, you should consider the following.


General information 

In 2019, the number of Asian women who entered the US with a K-1 visa and married Americans was more than 15.000. And this tendency continues to be toward growth. You already know what makes Asian brides so special and desirable as wives. But what makes Asian girls want to leave their motherland and marry a man from abroad? Well, I wondered the same question before my trip to Asia. 

To begin with, most Asian mail order brides that you meet on Asian dating sites are not struggling to survive, but the quality of life in most Asian countries is less than ideal. After the pandemic outbreak, 47 million Asian girls have been pushed into extreme poverty. 

Economic insecurity is part of a disadvantageous cycle of Asian women, which is mainly caused by severe discrimination in education and employment. As a result, this all leads to poor health outcomes, limited decision-making rights, and limited opportunities for Asian women to put themselves out of poverty. For this reason, young, beautiful, and intelligent Asian women become mail order brides, and want to get better lives for themselves and their families. That’s why they join Asian online dating platforms and want to marry foreign men.

Obviously, economic problems can fuel an upsurge in domestic violence. 75% of Asian women have experienced sexual harassment. In South Asia, at least once in their lifetime, 33% of women experienced physical or sexual violence from their intimate partner. And that’s why western men have become the epitome of courtesy, caring nature, and a promising future for many Asian mail order brides. 

Furthermore, unlike most Asian cultures, society in East Asia is highly competitive in almost every aspect of life. Education, work, and even family life – are one big competition for Asian brides from this region. It naturally causes enormous stress, which results in what the local youth call the ‘Sampo generation.’ Coming under significant social pressure, they basically give up on dating, marrying, and having children. But those Asian brides who still want to settle down and get married often see no other option but to start dating foreigners.

How do mail order brides work?

There are many dating services, and all of them have their specifics and terms of use. So usually, an acquaintance with an Asian mail order bride online is preceded by a complex search for an appropriate dating platform. 

In order to narrow your search pool, give preference to dating sites that are primarily focused on the Asian region, provide a catalog with real Asian brides, have a good reputation among online daters, and can boast positive reviews from the users.


And although there exist free dating sites, I recommend you join the platforms that provide paid features. This ensures a safer dating environment, better quality of use, and higher chances of finding an Asian woman online. The good news is that most Asian dating sites are free to join, so you don’t have to pay additionally to test them. So if you want to find an Asian wife online, you can compare several sites for dating Asian girls.

At this point, finding a reliable Asian dating site is already half a battle. Now you can move to registration. Basically, all you need is a working email. On some online dating sites, it’s possible to sign up with just one click by using your Google account. During registration on a dating site, you will be requested to fill in a small questionnaire, and I would not recommend you skip this step. It will help the site’s matching algorithm offer you more compatible matches among countless Asian mail order brides.

If you want to find a beautiful Asian wife on a dating site, try to make your profile more appealing and detailed. Add some photos and interesting facts about yourself. Take this step responsibly since, from my experience, low-effort profiles are simply not effective if you want to find a wife from an Asian country. 

And the nicest part – adjust searching filters to your specific expectations about your potential Asian bride online and enjoy chatting with hot Asian women!

Are mail order Asian brides legal?

Yes! But because there are many stereotypes and myths about the concept of Asian mail order brides, people often misinterpret and understand it as something illegal. In fact, you don’t purchase an Asian mail order wife. You only pay for the membership on online dating sites as well as pay for gifts and dates.

Also, all mail order brides services and dating platforms in the United States strictly follow the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005

Asian mail order brides can legally enter the US on a K-1 visa (a fiance visa) or CR-1 visa (a spouse visa). The latter is cheaper, but from my experience, K-1 is faster. In order to obtain a visa, you will have to prove that your relationship is genuine by providing photos, tickets, and messages. With all this, there will be no problems in bringing your Asian mail order bride to the US and getting married there.


In this case, the cost depends on numerous factors – from the mail order bride service you’ll choose to use and region to your generosity in the relationship with your Asian lady. And if you are going to marry an Asian bride, let’s review the costs in detail on the example of the most popular countries to find single Asian women.

🏯Country💻Online datingExpenses (for 6 months of premium membership) ✈Travel expenses and dates (for 2 trips)🛂K-1 visa💒Marriage license and wedding expenses💸Total
JapanAbout $1.500About $7.600$2.500$15.000-$22.000$11.000-$30.000
ChinaAbout $1.340About $15.700$2.500$16.000-$23.000$19.000-$36.000
PhilippinesAbout $1.250About $7.000$2.500$14.000-$20.000$12.500-$30.000
VietnamAbout $1.200About $7.300$2.500$13.000-$19.000$11.000-$30.000

Asian Wedding Traditions

All Asian nations and communities have their own customs and traditions, and they equally relate to weddings. During my trip, I was lucky to be invited to several Asian weddings, and it was a fascinating, fun, and indeed unforgettable experience! So if you want to find an Asian wife, this information will be really helpful.

Family traditions

Wedding traditions in Asia vary from country to country. For example, in Japan, weddings are held mainly in spring and autumn. The wedding ceremony usually takes place in a chapel or Shinto shrine. Also, often the wedding ceremony is held simultaneously with several other weddings. 

The date for the wedding is scheduled on a special day of fortune listed in the almanac. In northern Japan, it’s accepted that the groom will offer his labor to the bride’s family for a certain period of time as a sign of love and devotion. On the wedding day, the families of the couple enter the altar separately and bring the offerings of rice water, sake, fruit, and salt. All this symbolizes life’s prosperity. 

Wedding ceremonies in India are mostly focused on blessings from family elders. Pre-wedding rituals include Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies that involve applying henna tattoos on the hands and feet of both partners. Before the wedding day, there are also Sangeet parties, which are meant to bring both families closer together. During all pre-wedding festivities, there are lots of singing, dancing, and treats of delicious food prepared by family members. 

In China, the wedding ceremony includes exchanging rings between couples (usually done three times) and signing marriage documents. This procedure is followed by an exchange of vows in which newlyweds express love and commitment toward each other in front of their families. Also, as a part of an ancient tradition, the couple exchanges jewelry and clothes with each other’s families.

Wedding dress

Considering its rich indigenous culture and historical heritage, Asia offers the most magnificent and intricate wedding dresses. 

  • In India, the bridal outfit includes the choli (the midriff-baring blouse), lehenga, sari, and dupatta.
  • In Thailand, Asian brides wear the Chut Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom, the national Thai wedding dress. It includes the wrap-around sarong and a matching silk shawl.
  • Vietnamese girls wear the Ao Dai, the country’s national wedding costume. It includes long silk or chiffon worn over the pantaloons.
  • Japanese brides must be covered head to toe in white, which symbolizes their maiden status. Everything from the makeup to the traditional kimono is expected to be white. 
  • Chinese girls mostly wear classic white wedding dresses, which are popular in the West. 

Mark Bumgarner, a world-famous wedding designer, thinks that a wedding dress is not just a reminder of a very special day but also a fashion statement. And though

Mark Bumgarner
Mark Bumgarner
Fashion Designer

It’s crucial to preserve national traditions, Mark recommends all Asian brides learn more about current fashion trends and take them into account when choosing a wedding dress.


With all Asian weddings, the particulars of the celebration vary per culture. In most cases, the main ceremony lasts between one and two hours. But the wedding can last up to sixteen hours with lots of events and festivities. Asians truly know how to party! There are always grand unforgettable entrances, vivid local music, touching speeches, and wild dances. 


Asian weddings serve plenty of food and drinks. Although some offer more modern options, at most Asian weddings, you’ll see traditional regional dishes.  

For example, in Japan, traditional wedding foods include red rice, kelp, seabream, and sake. 

The particular wedding menu in China consists of apples (as a symbol of safety), seaweed (as a symbol of prosperity), and lotus-seed tea (as a symbol of hope). 

Korean weddings serve noodles as a symbol of a long life together for the couple. 

Top-7 Best Asian Countries to Find a Wife

Dating websites are a fast, convenient, and fun option to meet Asian women. However, a journey to this magnificent continent will bring you no less joy! But what countries are the best to meet Asian women for marriage? Let’s review. 

  • Thailand

When it comes to international marriages, Thailand is one of the most popular countries. And the reasons are simple – Thailand is beautiful, not expensive to visit, and full of hot Asian ladies who want to date foreign men. Unlike many western women, Asian females from Thailand have traditional views on gender roles and family values. And the role of an Asian lady in the family is often about making the husband happy.

  • The Philippines

In 2019, there were about 15.000 international marriages between Filipino women and foreign men. And luckily, this number continues to grow, so the success rate of such a marriage is quite high. Sexy Asian brides from the Philippines are popular because of their traditional views on marriage. An Asian woman from this country will not only strike you with her appearance but with her caring, loving, and loyal nature. She will also be a good mother to your future children and an attentive Asian wife.

  • Japan

Japanese girls are not like ladies from Southeast Asia and surely are not like most western women. Asian females from Japan are mostly marriage-minded, so if you meet them on dating websites, be sure that they are looking for serious relationships there. And if you want to have a reliable life partner by your side, a cute Asian woman from Japan is a perfect match. She is more financially stable and independent in comparison to women from other Asian societies and, frankly, most American women. And despite their fragile and young appearance, Asian ladies from this country are by nature strong and principled.

  • China

Mail order Asian brides from China are exceptionally popular among western men. And the reasons are clear. They strongly prioritize family ties and are quite traditional in their views on family and marriage. At the same time, an Asian bride from China is a hardworking, well-educated, and straightforward woman, which makes her a wonderful and worthy wife.

  • Vietnam

Hot Asian women from Vietnam are heartful, spiritual, and not materialistic. They don’t care about your money; all they need is love and be loved in return. Asian girls from Vietnam are loving, loyal, honest, and outstandingly beautiful – perfect candidatures for dating and marriage!

  • India

In my humble opinion, Indian brides are totally underrated! Indian women don’t look like ladies from different Asian societies. They have different facial features, darker skin, and honey-colored, almond eyes, making them one of the most striking females I have ever seen. An Asian bride from India is also very well-mannered, intelligent, and quite fluent in English.

  • Cambodia

Speaking of international dating, Cambodia obviously is not the first country that springs to mind. And not even the second. But in fact, apart from their exotic beauty, they can bring love, care, respect, and support to relationships. Mail order Asian brides from Cambodia place families and the happiness of their husbands and kids above all, and I believe these are the qualities that make wonderful wives.

Most Popular Brides From Asia

From the film and fashion industry to business and sports, Asian brides are one of the most powerful women in the world. And here are just a few examples.

  • Yao Chen is an incredibly talented Asian actress, model, and philanthropist. In recent years, she has been promoting children’s rights as part of the UNICEF mission and helping children in poor areas get access to healthcare and education opportunities. 
  • Deepika Padukone is one of the highest-paid Indian actresses. With her dazzling smile, graceful figure, unique beauty, and outstanding acting skills, she is definitely among the most stunning Asian brides the world has ever seen.
  • Sania Mirza is one of the highest-paid and greatest women athletes in India. With an always-winning attitude, this Asian bride has managed to be on the list of the 100 most influential people in the world and also on the list of the most desirable Asian singles.


Whether on the best dating sites or in their motherland, Asian singles will bring you an unforgettable dating experience. You will be amazed by not only their unique Asian beauty but also by their caring, loving, and nurturing nature. Asian mail order wives make perfect life partners for years and years of happy marriage. Your ideal Asian girlfriend is waiting for you on top dating websites, so don’t waste your time in hesitation!


How much is an Asian bride’s price?

The prices of Asian brides will depend on the region. For example, for a Vietnamese bride, you’ll spend about $10K, whereas you’ll spend more on a Japanese woman for marriage. This will include the costs of online dating, a trip to the country where your future bride resides, and getting a K-1 visa.

What do Asian brides wear?

In India, it’s common to wear a saree or dupatta. Thailand brides have their own national wedding dress, known as Chut Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom. However, in countries like Japan and China, it’s now trendy to wear white wedding dresses.

What is an Asian mail order bride?

Any woman from Asia seeking a single man abroad with the help of dating services is an Asian mail order bride. You can find her on dating sites or agencies. You just need to search for an ideal match among Asian ladies.

Where to find an Asian bride?

To find an Asian bride, you can try your luck with dating sites like Eastern Honeys or The Lucky Date. Still, you can meet your future offline, and perhaps, you might consider visiting places like Dada Bar, WOMB, and Faust.

Audella Newman
Hello, I’m Audella Newman, and I’m a dating expert with experience in international dating. But that’s not all I can tell about myself. Well, I’ve always been interested in weddings and marriages, and I can talk about that incessantly.
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