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Filipino Brides: How You Can Find Your Filipino Soulmate?

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The Philippines is a magnificent land that attracts foreigners with its excellent climate, beautiful beaches, extensive watersport facilities, and plenty of recreation opportunities. However, I believe that the true pride of this country is Filipino brides, whose exotic beauty is deservedly admired by even the pickiest western guys.

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Every year, the trend of marrying Filipino women is getting stronger and stronger, and of course, the international dating industry can’t ignore it. New and more effective online dating sites with Filipino mail order brides appear to meet this demand. 

But what can you expect from a Filipina woman in reality, and what is the actual cost of dating a Filipino bride online and in real life? Surely, it’s natural for you to ask questions if you want to find a Filipino wife. For my part, I’m ready to answer all your questions and provide you with the most up-to-date information about Filipino brides.

Why are Filipino Ladies Perfect for Marriage?

Apart from her obvious physical attractiveness, the Filipino bride has a lot more to offer to her foreign husband. In addition to the bright external beauty, the Filipina bride is a supporting, thoughtful, loyal, and caring partner. Also, Filipino wives are quite capable of running the family unit and can easily juggle household and wife duties while keeping the finances in order. 

Although you may have heard that Filipino mail order brides are willing to marry just for the money, be sure that it’s nothing more than an obsolete stereotype. Filipina women know how to handle money and once married, spend them only on vital necessities. They understand the value of money, and what’s more important, they know how to multiply it. 

Unlike many western ladies, a Filipino woman can show what true love and devotion to her man and family looks like. And there are a lot of other positive features that make gorgeous Filipino ladies really desired as mates for western guys. Let’s discuss this in detail. 

  • Filipino brides are very religious. The Philippines proudly boasts to be the only Christian nation in the Asian region. Today, more than 86% of the country’s population is Roman Catholic, 6% are nationalized Christian cults, and another 2% belong to more than 100 protestant denominations. Apart from the Christian majority, there is also a Muslim community, predominantly concentrated in the southern islands, consisting of 4% of the country’s population. With this in mind, most Filipino families raise their children based on Christian values. So it’s most likely that your future Filipina wife will want a church wedding as she has been steeped in these traditions since her childhood. And in this case, the permission of her family is required. 
  • Filipino brides are well-educated. The statistics show that 71% of Filipina girls are enrolled in secondary education and 40.3% in college in 2020, compared to only 60% and 40.4% among men. In terms of academic and professional training, the Philippines can be considered one of the most advanced Asian countries. And since their early childhood, Filipino girls are taught to be proud of their educational achievements. College education has always been greatly important for Filipino women as they believe that it’s a necessary condition for obtaining gainful employment and a better chance of succeeding in life. 
  • Filipino brides speak English quite fluently and frankly, local women have the best English skills in Asia. In the Philippines, Filipino and English are the official languages, so it will be easy for you to bridge the language gap with Filipino ladies. 
  • The Philippines is a developing country. For this reason, local women are used to overcoming various hardships. They know that anything can happen (and often does), which makes them more adaptive to life’s changes and difficulties.
  • Filipino beauties are very soft and forgiving by nature. The Filipino bride is compassionate and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others in the sense that she is understanding and helpful. Additionally, whether raised in a rural or urban area, Filipino brides can perfectly adapt to life in another country when their foreign husbands offer them to move.
  • Filipino girls are lovable and know how to create and maintain the family heart with special care.
  • Although most young Filipino brides are quite successful in their academic and professional lives, they will always put the stability of their marriage before money. And Filipina bride is more likely to sacrifice her career than her family and enjoyment of life. 
  • It’s not a secret that passion can fade away over time, especially in serious relationships. But sexy Filipina brides know how to refresh and diversify their sex life, so you’ll never get bored with them in bed. 
  • Filipino women are not jealous, which is highly important for European and American men. Filipina wives will never spy on their husbands, check their smartphones, or shuffle in their pockets. 

Cons of Dating Filipino Girls

Of course, not only positive traits make up the portrait of a desired partner. As human beings, we all have our drawbacks, and Filipina women are no exception. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether to consider these features as flaws. I am just helping to manage your expectations about these Asian women.  

  • In general, Filipino women won’t engage in loud quarrels. But it doesn’t mean that their soft, caring, and understanding nature should be taken for submissive. Throughout their lives, Filipina brides have been taught to act like real ladies. And this applies to everything – from their manners and tastes to their gentle tone of voice. So arguing, especially with public criticism, is just not acceptable with Filipino women.
  • Filipino brides are raised with high values of honesty and fidelity which makes them very patient with their husbands even during the hardest times. At the same time, this is not unconditional. So don’t equalize the legal prohibition of divorce in the Philippines with the unwillingness of Philippine women to divorce if they could. Surely, divorce will never be an option for a Filipino wife in an honest and loving relationship. However, if her husband abuses her verbally or physically, the Filipina wife will resort to divorce if given the opportunity.

Who is the Philippines Mail Order Bride?

Filipino girl becomes mail order bride for a number of reasons. In particular, even despite large government assistance, around 18.1% of the Filipino population live below the poverty line.

And in these conditions, women suffer from unequal economic and employment opportunities as they should stay at home, take care of their families, and be left with no money for themselves. Finding a foreign husband is a chance for Filippino girls to live a happier and more fulfilled life where they’ll be able to combine professional achievements and household chores. 

Another reason is that Filipino women often become victims of domestic violence. The statistics show that before the pandemic outbreak, one in every four Filipino women had experienced domestic violence, and in recent years, the number of cases has risen steeply throughout the country. And that’s why Filipina mail order brides want to marry foreign men since they are more tolerant and loyal toward women. 

Filipino mail order brides seek to explore the world and try new things. But not all of them get the chance to expand the horizons of their possibilities. Obviously, most Filipino ladies lack opportunities for self-development, and they want to live and work in a better place. For this reason, marrying foreign guys could become a turning point in life for Filipina brides and open new doors for them. 

So if you are looking for a Filipino girl for marriage, you need to know how Filipino mail order brides services work. And I’m ready to help you with this. 

General information 

In short, a Filipino mail order bride is a woman who joins a matchmaking service that is created to match her with foreign men. Filipino woman publishes their photos and some of her personal information on Filipino dating sites, so foreign men can look at her and get acquainted personally. 

Sexy Filipina brides can drive western guys crazy. I can say that Filipino beauties truly won the genetic lottery. Like most Asian girls, gorgeous Filipino ladies are petite and have graceful faces and figures. They have an Asian cut of the eyes, refined noses, beautiful smiles, and raven-dark shiny hair. Among stunning Philippines mail order brides you will find girls similar to passionate Spanish women, hot as a tropical night African ladies, and elegant Chinese females. 

So if you adore the beauty of local girls, respect their life views, and are interested in Filipino women for marriage, here are some options to meet a Filipino bride. 

Offline dating 

One of the most obvious ways to find a Filipino wife is to visit the Philippines. Having a trip to this beautiful country is a great way to spend your vacation with amazing views of azure lagoons and coasts with ocean waves and snow-white beaches. And it’s also an amazing opportunity to learn more about Filipino culture and heritage. 

At the same time, it can be quite challenging to meet Philippines brides in real life since you’ll have to create a list of places where you can find a Philippines girl for marriage, spend a lot of time there, and basically rely more on your luck than on effort. As an alternative, you may also try online dating. I will tell you more about its specifics in the next section. 

Online dating

Going online and using a dating site is an effective, convenient, and budget-friendly option to meet your future Filipino wife. On Filipino dating sites, there are thousands of gorgeous young Filipino brides who are interested in western men and are looking for marriage online. So dating site is not only a trendy way to find your true soulmate but also a very flexible and accessible option to meet a Filipino bride no matter where you live in the world.

Note that you’ll have to pay for the use of online dating platforms. This measure helps to provide a safer online dating experience and gives access to various communication services and necessary tools. The good news is that dating site fees are typically quite affordable, and you won’t have to pay anything extra.  

Also, as an alternative, I’d recommend you combine these options and use dating websites while having a trip to the Philippines. Or, you can use a dating platform to meet a Filipina girl, start a long-distance relationship, and once you are ready, visit your Filipino girlfriend in real life.  

📍Best cities for dating: Manila City, Davao City, Cebu City.

💋Best dating websites to meet Filipino bride online: EasternHoneys, TheLuckyDate. 

Phillippines mail order bride agency

After carefully studying your preferences, an agency will give you a Filipino mail bride catalog so you can pick your potential partner among the stunning Philippines mail order wives. The service will also help to facilitate your online communication and arrange your trip once you are ready to meet your Filipina bride in person. Although it implies some additional expenses on travel and dating, mail order bride agency is a really good option, especially for busy European and American men looking for a Filipino mail order bride.

How do mail order brides work?

Often, acquaintance with Filipino mail order brides is preceded by a lengthy and complicated search for an appropriate dating platform. And in this case, considering different options is a must. Personally, I never focus solely on one platform as there can always be better dating websites to use. 

Also, I’d recommend you do a background check and read at least a few reviews from real users. This will help you to narrow your search and know what to expect before you join the service. At the same time, don’t rely only on reviews or blindly trust them. Each experience is unique, and in order to understand all the specifics and find your perfect Filipino mail order bride, you have to try everything yourself. 

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry; I’ll help you with it.

✅After you learn all the information about costs, integrated features, and other important aspects of the use, you can move on to registration. In order to accelerate the registration process, you can skip some questions and steps. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Dating questionnaires on online dating sites is necessary for making more relevant matches with mail order Filipino brides.

Creating a profile is already half the battle. And try to make your profile more appealing by adding some photos and personal information. From my experience, low-effort profiles are simply not effective if you want to find a Filipino mail order bride. 

✅The search system is very helpful in finding a Philippines girl for marriage. Most dating websites offer an advanced type of search, which is my favorite as it allows you to apply various filters and parameters to find a wife from the Philippines in a very short time. 

✅Different international dating platforms provide different communication services. In most cases, online dating sites offer a bevy of necessary tools for smooth and comfortable interaction, including video chat, calls, and texting. I usually try them all and choose the most convenient in terms of use, efficiency, and price.

✅If you want to save time and effort, I recommend you narrow the list of Filipino mail order wives. I mean that if you want to find a wife, you should choose a Filipino woman with whom you have a genuine and deep connection from the very start instead of mindlessly swiping through hundreds of profiles. Just as importantly, it will also help you save a lot of money. 


Dating Filipino girls is an unforgettable and what’s more important, totally legal experience! Every year, thousands of western guys start dating Filipino girls as well as thousands of western men marry Filipina wives, creating countless happy love stories. And, of course, it’s not only about dating.

Depending on the type of visa, your Filipina wife will be able to enter the United States and get a green card right after the marriage. In general, this process takes about a year. And after 3 years, your Asian wife will be able to legally become a citizen of the US. 


At first, you may be confused with the terminology, but I must add that Filipino mail order brides are not for sale. Filipino bride cost primarily depends on the type of service you’ll choose to use and the potential expenses involved. I can say that buying dating services is a sort of investment in your future with your desired woman, so it’s not a waste of money at all. And now, let’s review the Filipino mail order bride cost in detail. 

💻Online dating✈Offline dating (for a 2-week trip)💒Legal expenses💞Extra spendings
💳Paid membership on the dating site $100-$150 per month 💸Flight tickets: $1000 (from New York to Manila)🛂K-1 visa: about $2500🎁Gifts: $2000
💳Virtual and real gifts (the prices depend on your generosity)💸Accommodation: $500🛂CR-1 visa: about $1500💐Flowers: $300
💲Total: from $1200 per year💸Transportation: $300💲Total: about $2500 for K-1 visa (it’s faster)💍Wedding ceremony: from $6000 to $20000
💸Food: $200💲Total: about $23000
💸Entertainment and sightseeing: $350
💲Total: about $2000

Wedding Traditions and Customs in the Philippines

While traveling, I noticed that there are a lot of wedding traditions in the Philippines. Throughout the country, wedding customs are mainly influenced by Christian and Muslim traditions. At the same time, there are certain practices that have their origin in other Asian cultures. And remarkably, all these traditions can be observed in Filipino communities around the world as well.

If you want to find a Filipina wife, I strongly recommend you to learn more about her culture and particularly the wedding traditions of her country. I was lucky to attend several weddings in the Philippines and I’m ready to share the most interesting facts about them. 

Family traditions

The engagement is announced as soon as the bride agrees to the marriage. On the same day, the groom should go to the bride’s house and take care of the household. He must strictly follow not only the bride’s instructions but also of her mother and father as well. This can last a whole week, and the wedding day is appointed when the groom passes this process with dignity. 

A typical Filippino wedding consists of several rituals: the candle lighting, the coin blessing, the tying of the nuptial cord, the veiling, and the throwing of rice grains.

The candle lighting 

The candle lighting ceremony is performed by two special guests at the wedding. At the right time, the candle keepers have to light two candles that represent the union of two hearts. Then, the larger candle is lightened, which signifies Jesus Christ, ever-present during the couple’s marriage.

The veiling

The candle keepers are also the keepers of the bride’s veil. During the veiling ceremony, the special guests should place the veil on the shoulders of the groom and on the bride’s head, which means family unity, humility, and God’s help.

The coin blessing

The coin ceremony symbolizes the couple’s sharing of worldly goods. The groom should give the bride several gold coins as a sign of his promise to make her happy and wealthy in marriage. 

The tying of the nuptial cord (Yugal)

For the tying of the nuptial cord, two special guests bind the couple together, putting a silk lasso over the couple’s heads. At some weddings, it could also be flower strands or a special rosary. These are tied in a figure of eight, similar to the sign of infinity. 

The throwing of rice grains

At the end of the ceremony, when the newlyweds step out of the venue, both of them are showered with rice grains. This is the way in which guests wish the couple prosperity, luck, and happiness. 

Wedding dress

In terms of clothing, a perfect white dress has become a standard practice for Filipino brides. I have also been to some classic Filippina weddings, where Filipino brides wore traditional dress called terno. It was composed of a fancifully patterned blouse, skirt, and special scarf made of pineapple thread.

While traveling, I also had a chance to chat with Mark Bumgarner, a wedding designer from the Philippines.

Mark Bumgarner
Mark Bumgarner
Fashion Designer

 think that a wedding dress is not only about silhouette or fabric. It’s a reminder of the very special day, the day of your dreams. So it’s worth approaching the choice of a wedding dress with special responsibility.


I should say that Filipino weddings are a unique mix of modern and historical traditions. And in most cases, the wedding ceremony is a celebration of the union of two families rather than two individuals. Throughout the wedding party, guests and newlyweds perform a rich collection of traditional Filipino dances, including the Itik-Itik dance, the Pantomina dance, and The Sayaw sa Bangko. Also, much attention is paid to the festive table and the bevy of various dishes on it. 


What is a Filipino wedding party without delicious Filipino cuisine? I attended weddings where there was no set menu since most of the couples used different catering services. However, I was lucky to try some traditional dishes, including Lechon, Longganisa, and Kaldereta. 

Top 7 Cities to Find a Filipino Wife

Want to find a Filipina girl for marriage but don’t know where to meet her? From my experience, there is a wide range of places where you can get a chance to meet single Filipino girls and find your Filipino bride among them. I was traveling a lot throughout the Philippines, and now, I am ready to present the list of the best cities to meet Filipina women for marriage. 

  • Davao City

Davao City is one of the best and, what’s more important, safest cities for dating in the Philippines. Several thousand foreigners from different parts of the world are living there, which makes this place very liberal and multicultural. I noticed that Filipino girls there speak English much better than in most other cities.

Also, even though Davao is considered one of the largest cities in the Philippines, it doesn’t have that metropolitan vibe you can feel in other big cities. So you can fully enjoy both the rural and urban atmosphere of this place. As for the Filipino women there, I should say that most of the best single Filipino girls live in Davao City. And although they may seem a bit conservative and reticent, they are, in fact, very friendly and welcoming toward foreigners.

  • Manila City

Manila City is deservedly considered a major cultural, industrial, and political hub in the Philippines. It’s also the capital of the country, so this city is the most densely populated in the world. And beyond its historical and cultural heritage, there is a vibrant nightlife and restaurant scene in Manila City.

I had a great time in Strumm’s Makati and Royal Night Club, where I had a chance to meet stunning Filipino wives. They are intelligent, easy-going, and outstandingly beautiful. At the same time, they’re a bit hesitant to open up, and it may take some time to break the ice. But once you do it, you’ll get a combination of emotional fulfillment and sexual delight that you’ll never forget.

  • Cebu City

As a dating expert, I’ve noticed that Cebu City has gained quite a good reputation among travelers, especially over the past couple of years. And remarkably, this city has plenty of good spots to meet Filipino women during the day. So if you are also among the guys who prefer the day game, I recommend you visit one of the local beaches since Filipina girls from this city are more approachable there.

Alternatively, you can use one of the international dating platforms that are loaded with hot girls in Cebu City who want to chat with foreigners. You can invite them to chill at one of the local beaches or have fun at a nightclub in order to make your offline dating experience more versatile. And be sure that you’ll get far more positive replies from Filipina mail order brides than you could ever imagine getting in your home country.

  • Iloilo City

Iloilo City is a place where you can get a combination of urban and island life in one package. From my experience, Philippine brides from Iloilo are really charming with their lovely Filipino accents. In terms of their personal features, Filipino mail order wives there are very diverse, and most of them are really close to their families. I was pleasantly surprised that most women in Iloilo City speak decent English, so you won’t have any problems communicating with them. And for me, it was a much better experience than talking to Asian women from other Asian countries.

  • Tarlac City

Although Tarlac is a mountainous region, it wasn’t a problem for me to get there thanks to accessible local transportation. Filipina mail order brides there are incredibly beautiful, smart, and unlike ladies from larger cities, local girls are more conservative and discreet. Tarlac has many resorts, which makes it a great place for vacation. So if meeting amazing Filipino girls is not the only purpose of your trip, you’ll always find a spot to relax and simply not worry about anything.

  • Baguio City

Baguio is a city with the lowest temperature in the Philippines. So for me, it became a place where I could escape from the heat and hustle of other cities. Philippines women from Baguio are quite friendly with foreigners and I noticed a lot of westerners who have settled there with their Filipino wives.

It’s important to note that Baguio is a rural city, and local women tend to be shy and less open while interacting with strangers in public. So before making a first move, remember that it is in your best interest to be polite and respectful to a Filipino girl from Baguio.

  • Makati City

Before traveling to Makati, keep in mind that it is a city with quite a high crime rate. At the same time, it’s something that’s expected in a big city with a large and diverse population, right? From my experience, the best places to meet a Phillippines girl in Makati are cafes and nightclubs. That’s because Philippines brides there are more interested in getting to know new people.

Most Popular Filipino Brides

Without a doubt, the Philippines is a man’s heaven. And the following list of the most beautiful Filipino brides is a perfect example of it. 

Laura Lehmann is a worldwide known actress, model, TV Host, and one of the most beautiful women in the Philippines. 

Mutya Johanna Datul is a famous Filipino actress and model who, since 2013 held the title of Miss Supranational and is now a member of the contest jury.

Rabiya Mateo is an actress, model, and Miss Universe Philippines. She also has a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy and works as a lecturer and columnist in Manila City.

Janella Salvador is a Filipino actress, model, singer, and songwriter. 

Ivana Alawi is a Filipino actress, model, YouTuber, and singer. She also holds a skincare brand Ivana Skin where she releases beauty tips and products.

Final Thoughts 

Traveling around the Philippines remains one of those rare experiences in my life that can never be overrated. And if you are already planning your vacation, I genuinely recommend you visit this magnificent country with picturesque nature and awesome conditions for traveling. And just as importantly, you’ll get a chance to meet stunning Filipino women for marriage. These women are special not only with their appearances but also with their inner content. 

But if you are not yet ready to move to another country, modern dating culture provides a bevy of opportunities for those who don’t want to rush things before meeting their Philippines mail order brides in person. So all you need is to choose one of the dating sites and start your romantic journey with amazing Filipino mail order brides online!


How much is the Filipino bride’s price?

The total costs of getting a Filipino bride are about $5K, excluding the costs of the wedding. This cost will include almost everything from online dating expenses to visiting your lady in addition to the expenses of getting a K-1 visa for your Filipina bride.

What do Filipino brides wear?

It’s common for Filipino brides to wear white dresses. However, there are weddings where you can see some other types of wedding attire. For example, another common wedding dress is Terno, designed for weddings.

What is a Filipino mail order bride?

If a woman in the Philippines is determined to find a man abroad, she becomes a mail order bride with the assistance of international dating agencies. This is what makes this woman categorized as a Filipino mail order bride. So, once you access professional mail order bride platforms, you can easily search for them.

Where to find a Filipino bride?  

One of the first things to think about is online dating sites offering mail order brides from the Philippines, and you should definitely consider dating platforms like Eastern Honeys and The Lucky Date. These websites are renowned for their profile quality, large user base, and professional services. Or you can meet Filipinas in person in places such as Club ZZYZX, Yso Rich, and Dusk Till Dawn Bar.

Audella Newman
Hello, I’m Audella Newman, and I’m a dating expert with experience in international dating. But that’s not all I can tell about myself. Well, I’ve always been interested in weddings and marriages, and I can talk about that incessantly.
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