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Baltic Brides: How and Why Wooing Baltic Ladies?

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Dating Baltic brides is a huge pleasure to introverted guys, as sophisticated and level-headed Baltic girls prefer a balanced lifestyle and mind wellness. 

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Now, whether you’ve just stumbled upon Baltic brides or looking to actually take one down the aisle, I have you covered in my little guide. Let’s pinpoint who are Baltic women, why date them or why not, and what are your options for asking them out.

Why consider Baltic women?

First and foremost, I personally adore all Baltic and so, I hope, will you when you complete this article. Let’s stop for a while to recall what Baltic countries are:

  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania

All countries are located in Europe, and they even understand English. Now, from the key things to showcase, these advantages of dating Baltic women come to my mind first.

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Community-focused mindset

Baltic females are family and community-focused, meaning that the needs of an individual are considered less paramount than the needs of the community. This also implies selfless caring and thoughtful attitude toward people around.

Active and outdoor living at the core

If you’ve ever been to Estonia or Lithuania, you may have noticed a lot of green. Someone would say that Baltic countries are strongly associated with cycling, and that’s quite fair because Balts are into fresh-air activities.

Pride of their heritage

Historically, Baltic people were struggling to assert themselves. Their self-assurance and patriotism, that’s noticeable in the rich culture of any Baltic country, stem from uneasy conditions in the past and, therefore, present at the core of Baltic girls.

They’re into traditional cooking

Finally, what guy doesn’t want to sign-up for a marriage with a skilled and dedicated cook? Not every country can boast female foodies, while Europe sees Baltic women who hold the tradition and still prepare healthy and delicious national dishes for their husbands.

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Common disadvantages of dating Baltic brides

It’s totally immoral to judge people based on biases only, but if I have to highlight a bunch of traits that might not be alluring to you as a potential partner of Baltic brides, those would be the following.

Anti Workaholics

Baltic people value their life-work balance and can draw the line between these two spheres. However, it can also affect the overall work ethic of the country. Some used to joke about irresponsible Estonians who allow themselves free will and laziness, which makes them not really valuable workers. But it certainly depends on the person.

Unconventional thinkers

Let’s be honest. Having a creative, peculiar companion is wonderful. Marriage to Baltic brides, who give birth to striking, diverse ideas, will suit someone as unconventional as they are themselves. However, to a middle-aged man who wants a traditional and obedient woman, Baltic brides may not suit him well.

Self-made and independent

Finally, Baltic brides never make submissive, quiet wives. Asian countries will appear better if one looks for a less independent or daring wife.

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Baltic mail order brides: a breakdown

Let’s gradually start touching on the mail order topic. If you ask someone, ‘What are your thoughts on international marriage?’ most people will shrug and answer: ‘I don’t mind it.’ However, when you rephrase and ask someone do they mind mail-order brides, the answer is quite positive, most of the time. Let me break it!

What is a mail order bride?

In a nutshell, mail order brides are girls who seek to get married to a foreigner, usually with relocation. There are several common reasons that drive particularly Baltic girls to go mail order:

  • The idea of leaving everything behind: we’re all just humans, and when we fail somewhere for the first time, there’s nearly always an option to start over abroad.
  • They are fond of foreign guys: many Baltic brides are attracted by the social confidence, sharpness, and intelligence of Western or Northern European men.
  • New opportunities to discover: Baltic women are career climbers. Therefore some might want to set foot overseas and, for example, establish a business.
  • A simple curiosity: endwise, for smarties, it’s common to dare to think big, and sometimes an idea of ‘why not to…’ can bring you to the opposite corner of Earth.

How does it work?

Technically, you can’t order a human being on Amazon, in most cases, so therefore there’s nothing to worry about. The procedure of ‘getting’ a mail order bride is pretty simple. Here’s the usual flow:

  1. A guy registers on a dating site.
  2. He applies filters and sorts through the user base to find the desired woman.
  3. He carries on and develops a relationship with her until it’s time to meet up.
  4. A mail order bride and a groom finally meet each other.
  5. A groom would spend a couple weeks with his bride to get the feel.
  6. He applies for the K-1 visa, marries a bride within 90 days, and then applies for the C-1 visa.
  7. A mail order wife gets citizenship in a couple of years.

There are many about fees, taxes, jurisdiction, and surely a lot of paperwork, but nothing to do about human trafficking!

Is it legal?

To sum up, it is completely legal, yet not always affordable. To be able to bring your Baltic wife to your country, you have to be in the middle class at least. If you’re financially incapable of keeping a bride, and she endures unpleasant conditions, it can be considered abuse, and she will be deported back, while you may be sued.

How much does it cost?

Total: $13,140

Referring to the previous paragraph, you’re not only gonna keep the bride, but you shall also ‘buy’ her first. If you don’t want to read the price breakdown, here’s the total for Baltic brides: $13,140. Buying a bride, again, doesn’t mean purchasing a human, and if you remember what I’ve said about ‘fees and taxes,’ you might be getting the point! Let’s get into it. Here are the most common expenses.

Online dating site fees

Online dating sites, like, for example, JollyRomance, take fees for the services. Very usually, you’d pay for a chat, so to speak, about gifts, video messages, and other amenities. Considering the example, let’s see how much it costs to use a dating site:

  • Chat: 2 credits per minute.
  • Gift delivery: 1500 credits minimal price.
  • EMS letters: 10 credits per letter.

Namely, if you’re a not really active user and only spend an hour online, you will need around $400 to afford a dating site for two weeks. A tiny spoiler: JollyRomance gives you free credits at the beginning, so you might cut down the cost if you use it.

Offline dating journey

Online dating only is slightly unreliable, leaving alone marrying someone you’ve never seen, innit? Let’s imagine you’re setting out to Estonia, the cheapest of Baltic countries. Here are your allegeable expenses for 10-14 days:

The legal thing

Let’s stop here a little longer. We’ve already touched on the visas, but I don’t mention the fees. You should expect these legal expenses:

  • K-1 (fiance) visa: up to $1,200.
  • C-1 (spouse) visa: up to $2,000.
  • Attorney: 70$ per hour (for 2 hours)
  • Estimated total: $3,340

The wedding

The wedding is not that necessary, but Baltic brides have a strong keen on celebrations, so you won’t wanna miss this day. Here are the expenses:

  • The wedding gown: $1,200.
  • The two rings: $400.
  • Catering to 80 guests: $1,600.
  • Reception and decorations: 1,000.
  • Musicians: $600.
  • Photographer: $400.
  • Estimated total: $5,200.
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Fascinating wedding traditions of Baltic countries

Nuptials! Every Baltic state there’s an own customs, but basically, they’re pretty similar. I’m going to throw a bunch of notable wedding traditions for all three countries:


  • Bread and salt. The bride and groom are traditionally greeted with bread and salt when they arrive at the wedding reception. The bread represents life, and the salt represents the struggles they will face in their marriage.
  • Planting a tree. A couple would also plant a tree together as a symbol of their love and commitment.
  • Braiding of the ribbons. The wedding party may also participate in a ‘braiding of the ribbons’ ceremony, where ribbons of different colors are braided together to represent the joining of two families.


  • A silver coin. In Latvia, it’s traditional for the groom to present the bride with a silver coin during the wedding ceremony. This symbolizes his willingness to support her financially throughout their marriage.
  • Wreath of blooming flowers. Another adorable Latvian wedding tradition is for the bride to wear a wreath of flowers on her head, which symbolizes her unfading youth and beauty.


  • A journey of love. In Lithuania, the bride and groom would take a symbolic journey from the bride’s home to the wedding ceremony, stopping at various meaningful to them spots along the way.
  • Stealing the bride. At the reception, it’s common for guests to participate in a game called ‘Steal the Bride,’ where the groom must answer questions or perform tasks in order to win back his bride from guests who have ‘stolen’ her.
  • Releasing the doves. Finally, a classical Lithuanian wedding tradition you may have seen in the movies: the couple releasing two white doves into the air, as for the two birds to begin their journey together.

A couple of words from world’s known wedding gowns designer

Inbal Dror
Inbal Dror
Wedding gowns designer

To all the brides out there, I want to say that your wedding gown is more than just a dress it’s a reflection of your love and your story. No matter what style or design you choose, always remember that you are beautiful and loved, and that your gown is a celebration of the amazing journey that has led you to this moment.

Top-7 Baltic locations to look for a wife

Honestly, you can go to any city; if you’re attractive enough, you won’t see any problem finding a Baltic wife. However, in my opinion, you should visit these spots, as they are the most popular and English-speaking as well:

  • Tallinn, Estonia

The capital city of Estonia is a well-preserved medieval city with stunning architecture, quaint streets, and charming cafes, where foreigners frequently find girlfriends from Estonia.

  • Riga, Latvia

The capital city of Latvia is a vibrant city with a rich history, beautiful architecture, and a lively nightlife scene, which is ideal for romantic dating.

  • Vilnius, Lithuania

The capital city of Lithuania is known for its baroque architecture, stunning churches, and beautiful parks to take your dates to.

  • Jurmala, Latvia

A popular seaside resort town in Latvia, suitable for international dating, with beautiful beaches, spas, and outdoor activities.

  • Saaremaa Island, Estonia

The largest island in Estonia with stunning natural beauty, medieval architecture, and a relaxed atmosphere. Fewer English speakers but higher odds of finding serious love.

  • Curonian Spit, Lithuania

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a narrow strip of land with stunning sand dunes, beautiful beaches, and unique natural landscapes. You should have many adventurous dates there!

  • Sigulda, Latvia

A town in Latvia known for its stunning natural landscapes, historic castles, and outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing, wonderful to find a sporty match.

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Bonus: Top Baltic brides and their Instagram profiles

And if you’re eager to take a look at some Baltic women in their natural environment to get inspired for marriage, here are some Instagram profiles I picked that might be of your interest!

Estonian: Maria Rannavali (mariarannavali)

Maria is a young social media vlogger, make-up tutor, and comedian from Estonia. Besides her attractiveness, she also offers to enjoy her podcasts!

Maria Rannavali

Lithuanian: Igle (Iglute)

Igle is a singer from Lithuania, and she’s a bright example of how gorgeous local women are.


Latvia: Yana Bruk (yanaabruk)

Yana is a scandalous and bold influencer, or she claims a TV host from Latvia whose photos will drive any Baltic lover!

Yana Bruk

Bottom line

At last, let’s sum up what we have! Considering Batlic girls for marriage is wonderful for men who look to be happy in their bond. Baltic females are often very sophisticated and simultaneously are stunningly beautiful, but their key point of standing out revolves around open-mindedness. Endwise, it’s no sweat to find a Baltic girlfriend, both offline and online on a dating site.

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How much for Baltic brides?

On average, $13,000 or over is a common price for a Baltic bride if you look in Estonia, and it may skyrocket in Latvia or Lithuania. The cost can be cut down easily, as it depends on many factors that you can predominantly manage.

What do Baltic brides use to wear?

Slavic and Baltic brides are known for risky attires that are often bold and striking. Usually, a Baltic woman would wear something that highlights her fit body and, at the same time, something reserved: what comes to my mind first are leather leggings, a sharp coat, and black heels.

How and where to find a Baltic bride?

You can go to any of the mentioned Baltic places. However, if you want to save some time and money, you can try an online dating site, like Sofia Date, which is a great offer for online dating Balts. If you want to go offline, be sure to visit the Glass Quarter in Lithuania, Old City in Estonia, and Jomas Street in Latvia.

How to understand a ‘mail order bride’?

A mail order bride features women eager to date or get married abroad. Usually, they apply as mail order wives via a special dating site, where foreign grooms can find them for further relationship development. A mail order bride is considered purchased when a groom pays for the chat, dating, and visas to help a bride get to the new home.

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