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Berta is a leading Israeli and International bridal designer. Berta’s avant-garde designs have taken over the bridal world by storm. Her artisitic approach to bridal fashion have managed to surprise even the most veteran fashion editors and bloggers. Her collections are considered among the most praised and anticipated in the world.

Berta’s leading line of work is based on high quality, uniqueness and premium level finishes. The luxurious fabrics, which are imported from fashion captials around the world, go through a handmade developement process in Berta’s studio. By doing this, Berta consistently has new and unique textures of fabrics for her line of bridal dresses.

When you try on a Berta gown, everything falls into place. The cut, the fit and the silhousette are all unlike anything else.

Exclusively available in Hong Kong at Audella Bridal House. For more information, please visit berta

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