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Venezuelan Brides: Everything You Need to Know About Women From Venezuela

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Although Venezuela is not the safest of countries in Latin America, it still has to offer an abundance of amazing sights and activities. I remember I was about to land in Maiquetia, the country’s main international airport, and the first thing I saw from the window was the stunning coastline of the Caribbean sea and a massive rainforest mountain that locals call ‘el Avila.’ 

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However, you will be dazzled not only by the hot Caribbean sun or the country’s mega-diverse natural landscapes but also by the incredible beauty of Venezuelan brides. A Venezuelan woman has an inimitable charm, which she inherited from her African, Spanish, and Indian roots. And it all turned into an explosive and passionate mixture that you’ll never find in a Latin woman from a different region. 

I cannot describe to you how excited I am to tell you everything I know about gorgeous Venezuelan mail order brides and the best places to meet them. So let’s get straight to the point!

Why Venezuela Mail Order Brides are Excellent for Marriage?

When you meet local women in Venezuela for the first time, it becomes quite obvious why they have won beauty pageants multiple times. And as I saw during this trip, their personalities are as stunning as their exotic beauty. 

Venezuelan brides, by nature, are mainly extroverted and quite gregarious. They grew up with music around, so catchy melodies and fiery rhythms of Latin motifs in their blood. And you will never get bored with a Venezuelan lady by your side.

But if you dig deeper, you will find other, more fundamental features that make a Venezuelan woman absolutely unforgettable and different from others.

  • Family is the highest value for Venezuelan brides. In married life, a Venezuelan wife will adore her husband and children. And Venezuelan wives will use their best efforts to make them happy and comfortable. This equally relates to her parents and even their husband’s relatives. A Venezuela wife will consider her husband’s parents as her own family and will take good care of them no matter what.
  • From my experience, despite the unstable economy and political situation, Venezuelan brides are very hard-working women as well as intelligent and fascinating interlocutors. And although not so many Venezuela girls have a prestigious education and high-paying jobs, Venezuelan brides never want to fulfill just one role in life. Their circle of interests only continues to expand as they mature. So a Venezuelan mail order wife can teach you a lot and will help you enjoy your life to the fullest.
  • Often, Venezuelan brides mistakenly seem frivolous women, but this is misleading. Venezuelan ladies are very selective with their partners, so divorce is definitely not an option for Venezuelan mail order wives. Moreover, Venezuela is among other countries with the lowest divorce rates. Primarily this is due to rapidly shifting trends in marriage when a modern Venezuelan woman gets to make her own choice of who she wants to be with. 
  • At the same time, Venezuela girls usually get married at a very young age. The minimum age for first marriage is 18 years, and the average age is 22. Some Latin women can be married at 16 with parental consent. And it’s quite a typical situation for most poor, undeveloped Latin American countries where early and/or forced marriages are somewhat a tool for survival for Venezuela mail order brides. 
  • However, most Venezuelan ladies don’t want to have kids right after marriage. The average age of childbearing in Venezuela is 26 years which is quite early for Western countries. But this pattern is also often seen in developing countries of Latin America and some other countries in Eastern Europe. 
  • Despite numerous unfavorable economic and social factors, most Venezuelan women mainly have at least 2 children. In 2020, the total fertility rate in Venezuela was 2.2, which is higher than in, for example, Brazil or Colombia. So if you plan on having more kids in the future, a Venezuelan wife will happily share your desire.
  • Venezuelan cuisine is widely celebrated. Local gastronomical identity comes from the indigenous culture in Venezuela and, at the same time, is greatly influenced by European tradition. During my trip, I was pleasantly surprised that most Venezuelan mail order brides are amazing cooks. So in married life, you will be spoiled by the variety and bright tastes of local dishes.  
  • Local culture, traditions, and religion have a significant impact on how Venezuelan mail order brides view morality and marital fidelity. In Venezuelan culture, cheating is just unacceptable. So Venezuela brides are always loyal to their partners, which cannot be said about local men.
  • During my trip, I saw Venezuelan brides in different social contexts – at noisy parties, supermarkets, local shopping centers, and gyms. And I should say that hot Venezuelan women are very polite and well-mannered, whatever their circumstances. So your future Venezuelan wife will never embarrass you in front of your friends and family. On the contrary, a Venezuelan girl will always be your worthy and honest companion and friend.

Cons of Dating Venezuelan Girls

No matter how hard we try to hide our flaws to protect the feelings of others, we still have them. And for me, it’s a natural and inevitable part of growth. No one is perfect, right? And Venezuelan brides are not an exception. So here are some of the features you should pay attention to before considering a Venezuelan mail order bride for marriage.

  • Venezuelan mail order brides are indeed passionate females. And in married life, Venezuelan ladies can be quite emotional and expressive. So you have to be ready that your future Venezuelan wife sometimes can be jealous and controlling. And on this ground, serious and long conversations can arise. But the main reason for this is that Venezuelan woman loves with all her heart, not holding anything back. And thus, a Venezuelan bride strives to be the most important and irreplaceable woman in your life.
  • In general, Venezuelan women cannot be described as materialistic, and they are mostly content with what they have. But it doesn’t mean that a Venezuelan girl is not open to being spoiled by her man. Small things, like helping her with her day-to-day needs, gifts, and flowers, make a good addition to casual dating. So be ready to invest your time and money in your chosen one, and you’ll receive in return the same amount of effort.  

Who is Venezuelan Mail Order Bride?

Now there are so many Venezuelan girls on the international dating scene that it’s natural to wonder – who are these women, and what makes them look for serious relationships and want to marry foreign men? Or why do foreign men are looking for Venezuelan wives?

In short, there is no universal answer to these questions. Local women become mail order brides for multiple reasons, which are incredibly complex by nature. But after my trip to Venezuela, I can highlight several main reasons why the trend of marrying foreign men became so popular among Venezuela single ladies. 

General information

Although Venezuelan women seek to preserve their cultural roots and introduce the world to their local traditions, they mainly don’t like the way things are in their home country. Of course, it cannot be said about every Venezuelan girl. Still, living conditions in Venezuela are less than ideal. 

It’s scary to imagine, but every 28 hours, there is femicide in Venezuela. And it’s not about a number or mere statistics. It’s about a Venezuelan lady who previously had her own desires and aspirations, family, and plans for the future. The Venezuelan government continues to ignore the situation, and not a single national plan against gender-based violence has not been designed for all time.

For fear of suffering a similar fate, most single Venezuelan women become mail order brides and want to marry a foreign man, especially if these Venezuela ladies plan to become mothers in the future.

Furthermore, with high unemployment rates, low salaries, and limited access to education and healthcare opportunities, young Venezuelan women are looking for a better life in other neighboring regions. However, 82% of Venezuelan women active in the Colombian labor market reported experiencing difficulties in obtaining paid work. At the same time, the number of cases of gender-based violence against refugee women in Colombia increased to 4.165 in 2020 as compared with 166 cases reported in 2017. 

And that’s why Venezuelan mail order brides seek opportunities for self-development and want to live and work in a better place. For this reason, marrying western men could become a turning point in their social lives. 

Also, gender-based violence in this region is often a result of a lack of respect from Venezuelan men.

And western men have become the epitome of physical appeal, courtesy, loving nature, and a promising future for Venezuelan mail order brides. That’s why local women are actively looking for foreign men on mail order brides services for serious relationships and marriage. 

How do mail order brides work?

An acquaintance with a Venezuelan mail order bride is usually preceded by a lengthy and complicated search for an appropriate online dating platform. And it’s understandable since, among countless available dating websites, you’ll need to find the best dating site. 

I recommend you give preference to dating sites that are primarily focused on the Latin region, represent Venezuelan mail order wives, have a good reputation, provide paid features, and have positive reviews from real users.

From my experience, LaDate is the best dating website to find brides from Venezuela. By the way, it’s free to join, so you don’t have to pay extra to test it and find a Venezuelan girl for marriage there.

Finding a legitimate and effective online dating site is already half the battle. Then you can move on to registration. Try to make your profile as detailed as possible. This will help to receive more compatible matches. Add some personal information and at least several photos. From my experience, low-effort profiles are simply not effective if you want to find a Venezuelan mail order bride, so take this step responsibly. 

Also, upon signing up on some online dating sites, you will be requested to fill in a small dating questionnaire. And though you can skip this step in order to accelerate the registration process, personally, I wouldn’t recommend it as these questionnaires are designed to make more relevant matches for those who are interested to marry brides from Venezuela.

And the most interesting part – define for yourself exactly who you are looking for and adjust searching filters to your specific preferences and expectations about your potential Venezuelan bride.

Enjoy chatting with stunning Venezuelan women on online dating sites using available communication tools. And although most online dating websites provide paid services, love is primarily an investment in ourselves, right? But seriously, paid services provide a safer dating environment, better quality of use, and higher chances of finding Venezuelan brides. 

Are Venezuelan mail order brides legal?

Yes! You can date, marry Venezuelan women, and bring them to the United States absolutely legally. In the US, all mail order brides services strictly follow the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005

However, please note that in 2019 US Embassy in Caracas suspended visa services, so your Venezuelan bride will have to schedule a K-1 visa appointment at US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. 


At first, you may be confused by the presence of this point, but I hasten to add that Venezuelan mail order brides are not for sale. ‘Cost,’ in this case, primarily means the potential expenses involved in the type of service you’ll choose to use. Now let’s review this in detail. 

💻Online dating✈Offline dating (for a 2-week trip)💒Legal expenses💞Extra spendings
💳Paid membership on the dating site around $100-$150 per month 💸Flight tickets: $800🛂K-1 visa: about $2.500🎁Gifts: $2000
💳Virtual and real gifts (the prices depend on your generosity)💸Accommodation: $250🛂Marriage license: $20-$100💐Flowers: $300
💲Total: from $1.200 per year💸Transportation: $100💲Total: about $2.600 💍Wedding ceremony: from $2.000 to $10.000
💸Food: $250💲Total: about $15.000
💸Entertainment and sightseeing: $300
💲Total: about $1.600

Venezuelan Wedding Traditions 

I was lucky to attend several weddings in Venezuela. And I should say that these are extremely vibrant events that absorbed the amazing and diverse culture of this country. And it’s important to note that most women from Venezuela live with their parents until they are married, so family plays a pivotal role in the engagement and wedding processes. 

Family Traditions 

Of course, young people in Venezuela choose their own partners, but family approval is highly valued. Couples even cannot begin the wedding preparations until they receive the blessing from both sides of their families. Also, it’s customary in this country for the groom to approach the father of the bride-to-be and ask for his permission before making a proposal.

Most Venezuelan couples hold two wedding ceremonies – a small civil ceremony in a circle of close people and a much bigger religious ceremony. The grander ceremony usually takes place in a chapel or a church. And only after that, the couple is considered to be officially married.

Also, Venezuelan grooms give their brides the gift of Arras. This gift consists of 13 gold coins, which symbolize Jesus and the 12 apostles and means that the groom will always provide for his bride.

Wedding Dress

Venezuelan brides wear a classic white wedding dress and a veil. The style of the veil varies according to the length of the dress.

Inbal Dror, a leading designer of bridal and evening gowns, thinks that

Inbal Dror
Inbal Dror
Fashion Designer

Choosing a wedding dress is just as important as the wedding itself. So she recommends all Venezuelan brides-to-be choose a dress in which they feel comfortable and confident. Because if you feel confident, it will show in your smile and your eyes and will make the entire wedding day truly magical and unforgettable.


Venezuelan wedding parties are very fun! There is a tradition called ‘la hora loca’ or ‘the crazy hour.’ It begins with the distribution of special masks, wigs, decorated hats, and different noisemakers. Everyone is expected to wear and use all these items and dance for the entire hour. For me, it was interesting as it’s quite uncommon in the US. This custom is meant to encourage both parts of the family to mix, dance, and have a good time together.


At most Venezuelan weddings, instead of large meals, the couple usually serves appetizers called ‘pasapalos.’ They include fried cheese sticks, spicy ham salad and sandwiches, fried balls of ground meat, boiled quail eggs, and filet Mignon. Also, Venezuelan weddings traditionally serve decorated wedding cakes or small desserts like cupcakes or cookies.

Top-7 Venezuelan Cities to Find a Venezuelan Wife

Before traveling to Venezuela, please note that even the US Department of State shows Level 4 (Do Not Travel) on its Venezuela page. So it’s not the safest place for foreigners. But for those with the courage to try, there will be great rewards. Check out my list of the best cities in Venezuela to meet sexy Venezuelan women for marriage. 

  • Caracas

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, with its special and authentic metropolitan vibe. And although due to rising crime rates, Caracas developed unfortunate and bad publicity, it shouldn’t scare you. During my trip to Caracas, I hired a tour company and spent most of the time there as part of a tourist group, which can also be a good idea for you. 

Caracas has several beautiful beaches as well as historically and culturally important places where chances to meet Venezuelan women for marriage are quite high. This includes Museo de Arte Contemporano de Caracas, Plaza Bolivar, and Plaza Tanaguerena, with several pretty good beach bars where you can meet a Venezuelan girl for marriage. And during the nighttime, you can meet Venezuelan women in bars and nightclubs, like Le Club, Juan Sebastian Bar, and Discoteca Marbella.

  • Maracaibo

Today, Maracaibo is a good blend of old architecture that represents the colonial history of the region and modern buildings. I was impressed by the strong music scene, great shopping opportunities, and picturesque public parks. 

For example, Verda del Lago is a huge local park that is particularly popular among joggers and cyclists. So the chances of meeting a fit and hot Venezuelan woman and single Venezuelan females there are quite high. And if you love dating at night, consider visiting Lenvill Club and Fever Disco; the sexiest Venezuelan women are always there.

  • Carupano

Venezuela’s Carupano city is situated right on the water. This provides access to unbelievable vistas and amazing beaches. And I strongly recommend you visit one of them since Venezuelan girls from Carupano are more approachable in their so-to-say natural habitat. Carupano also has one of the best Carnivals in the country. So don’t hesitate to book a ticket, have a party in the sun with a beautiful Venezuelan bride, and meet Venezuelan women for marriage there.

  • Ciudad Bolivar

With all the local museums and cobblestone streets, Ciudad Bolivar is one of the best places to visit in Venezuela. And for a history geek like me, it’s just gold. Many women from this city are truly wonderful and very friendly. I will always remember with great warmth their kindness and hospitality.  

Also, it’s a city of astonishingly beautiful architecture preserved since colonial days. So if meeting amazing Venezuelan girls is not the only purpose of your trip, you’ll always find a spot to relax and enjoy a unique historical heritage. 

  • Merida

In Merida, one of the city’s main economic resources is the tourism industry. So western men can meet not only gorgeous local ladies there but numerous Latin women from different regions of South America. Also, local mail order Venezuelan brides speak English quite fluently, so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.

  • Valencia

Valencia is one of the largest cities in the country and is considered a major cultural, industrial, and political hub in Venezuela. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, has several important landmarks and historical museums, and over half a dozen public places for sports and outdoor recreation. So basically, wherever you go – you’ll meet Venezuelan beauties and the best Latin brides.

Most Popular Brides From Venezuela

Although the economy of the country is literally in shreds, Venezuela brought up a lot of successful models, bloggers, actresses, and celebrities. So here is my personal top 3 of the most popular Venezuelan brides:

  • With 2.5M subscribers on Instagram, Shannon De Lima is one of the most popular actresses in Venezuela. This Venezuelan girl is also a model, social media influencer, TV host, and talented fashion blogger;
  • Migbelis Castellanos is another outstandingly beautiful woman from Venezuela. With 1.6M followers on Instagram, this Venezuelan bride is a well-known actress, model, and TV persona;
  • And the icing on the cake is Georgina Mazzeo – probably the hottest Venezuelan bride, fashion model, fitness icon, social media influencer, and role model for many Latin girls. 

Final Thoughts About Mail Order Venezuelan Brides

As you see, Venezuela is not the most secure destination. But for me, a trip to this country is one of those rare experiences that I will never forget. And Venezuelan brides are truly the underrated gem of South America worth discovering. 

There is nothing more compelling than the natural beauty of a Venezuela girl. And I can tell that you won’t find a more passionate lover than a Latin woman. All these features make Venezuelan wives the most desirable women in the world.


How much is a Venezuelan bride’s price?

To get a Venezuelan bride, you’ll have to spend about $4K. What does this cost include? Well, you’ll invest in your future bride by getting online dating services, planning a real trip, accommodation, and offline dating costs. And don’t forget the costs of getting a K-1 visa for your Venezuelan lady.

What do Venezuelan brides wear?

Nowadays, Venezuelan weddings are really similar to European and American weddings, and thus, most Venezuelan brides will be in classic white dresses. 

What is a Venezuelan mail order bride?

A Venezuelan mail order bride is a lady you’ll meet through dating agencies. She’ll be interested in meeting and dating foreigners with the aim of creating solid bonds with them. Unlike other international women you can meet, Venezuelan mail order brides are more interested in long-term relationships and marriage.

Where to find a Venezuelan bride?

You can easily meet Venezuelan women on sites like Love Fort or La-Date. Or there are also offline options. If you want to meet them in person, you should consider visiting places like Juan Sebastian Bar, ECO Nightclub, and Pullman Bar Sabana Grande.

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