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Estonian Mail Order Brides: Find Your Estonian Woman For Marriage

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Estonia offers a wide range of places where you can have a great time. It’s known for its natural spots, lots of free Wi-Fi, and so on. The best thing about Estonia is its women. But why are Estonian women worth your attention? An Estonian woman is a combination of external and internal beauty in addition to a modern and liberal mindset.

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They’re easy-going, interesting, smart, and quite ambitious. Dating Estonian women is a great experience, as they know how to be great partners. They’re not quite traditional and family-oriented, but they compensate for that with their appealing looks, patience, positive attitude, and many other exciting features.

Nowadays, there are many single men who want to date Estonian ladies, and that’s why I felt the urge to prepare this guide on Estonian mail order brides. It’s essential to know more about these European women from the Baltic country. Stay tuned for more if you are interested in dating an Estonian girl for marriage.

Why Estonian Mail Order Bride?

Before you start looking for your Estonian lady, it’s time to see why she’s a better date for you than other European women for marriage. It’s time to reveal the interesting perks of dating Estonian brides.

Tall Women

One of the most appealing facts about Estonian ladies is that they’re among the tallest women in Europe. The average height of Estonian girls is about 169 cm. So, if you’re into tall sexy women with long legs, Estonian brides are definitely for you.

More Single Ladies

Did you know that the male-to-female ratio in Estonia is 87 to 100? In other words, there are more women than men in Estonia, and thus, it’s a land of single women seeking the attention of foreign men. So, it’s really not challenging to meet Estonian women for marriage.

Good Singers

It’s hard to meet an Estonian woman who doesn’t sing. Estonians are renowned for their love of folk song and dance. It means that an Estonian woman you’ll date online or offline will sing great folk songs and even more. She’ll be a good dancer as well.

estonian bride

Online Daters

One of the craziest things about this country is that much is done online. There’s even online voting. Thus, it’s not surprising that online dating is quite popular among Estonian women. I’m sure you won’t have problems discovering Estonian mail order brides online.

Fluent In English

When dating Estonian women, you’ll not even have problems communicating with them. English is widely spoken in this country. Thus, your future Estonian girlfriend will not have to use translation services, and it’s common for Estonians to know more than 2 languages.

Strong Yet Romantic Women

In many European countries, dating Europeans is about equality and liberal values, whereas dating Estonian brides is quite different. Estonia single ladies are into romantic single men. So, be ready to pamper your future Estonian bride.

Conservative But Not Religious Ladies

Estonia is one of the countries where religion isn’t quite prevalent, and there are many people who don’t belong to any religion or don’t believe in God at all. So, your future girlfriend from Estonia will not be a religious person. Yet she’ll be quite conservative. So, they are interested in creating committed bonds rather than something casual.

Hospitality Of Estonian Ladies

As was said, there are more women in this country, and thus, Estonian women are quite hospitable toward foreign guys. If you visit the country, you’ll be treated with care. You’ll get a chance to indulge in their hospitality.

Cons Of Dating Estonian Singles

estonian woman photo

You might wonder about some reasons why Estonian mail order brides might not be good for marriage. Well, there are not so many reasons why a woman from this country might not suit your interests. First of all, you should know that Estonian girls are quite upfront, and some people might not be ready to meet honest and straightforward ladies.

Secondly, you should understand that Estonian women are not quite traditional and family-oriented. They’re more modern than you think, in addition to being diligent, smart, and career-oriented. If you’re ready to be a bit patient, these women can become the ideal partner for you. 

Who Is An Estonian Mail Order Bride?

There are many dating sites offering a large user base of Estonian singles for marriage. These ladies are particularly interested in dating foreign men with the purpose of creating meaningful bonds. These girls are referred to as Estonian mail order brides. They’re international brides you can easily meet on the top dating platforms.

When looking for Estonian brides, it’s common to confuse them with Russian brides, and indeed, they have a lot in common, but you better avoid mentioning that while dating Estonian girls for marriage. Like Russian women, Estonian singles are really charming, cute, and elegant. But Estonian girls are considered to have a mindset similar to European singles.

Why do they become mail order brides? The first reason is quite obvious, as there are not enough men to create strong bonds. But no matter what the reason is, you’ll never regret meeting a charming Estonian lady for marriage.

estonian mail order bride

How Do Mail Order Brides Work?

To find single Estonian ladies for marriage, you need to find a good dating site. There are some cool websites where you can meet foreign brides from Estonia. After registration, you can start looking for single Estonian ladies. So, the initial stage of online dating is to find the right partner.

The next stage is about creating strong connections with the person who tickles your interest. For this, you might consider purchasing dating services. This means online communication, sending virtual gifts, media content exchange, and so on.

Finally, you should understand whether that particular lady can become more than your online date. If you’re sure about this and mutual feelings, consider meeting her offline. So, it’s time to pack up your stuff and head to Estonia.

Are Estonia Brides Legal?

Definitely, they are legal. There’s no law that will prohibit you from meeting and marrying an Estonian bride. To bring her to your country, you need to get a K-1 visa, and once your future spouse also gets it, she can easily have a wedding with you within 90 days. Don’t forget that to be sure about the fact that your Estonian woman for marriage will be real and legal, you need to find her on a reliable dating platform.

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Estonian Bride?

One of the most common questions I receive about mail order brides is their costs. It’s clear that the concept of mail order wives will entail expenses that you should be ready for. But what will you spend on? Roughly speaking, you’ll spend on online dating services and your offline dating venture. Let’s consider these costs in detail.

Online Dating Costs

Before I start delving into online dating expenses, I should say that only the best dating sites can ensure that you won’t spend your money in vain. When seeking such a site, you better consider dating Estonian women on Jolly Romance. With its credit system, you’ll be able to control your expenses. Look at the prices of credits:

  • $9.99 – 20 credits;
  • $19.99 – 50 credits;
  • $44.99 – 125 credits;
  • $69.99 – 250 credits;
  • $149.99 – 750 credits.

How much will you spend on these credits? Well, that depends on your generosity, the duration of your online dating, the frequency of chatting, and the like. Within several months, you can spend from $2K to $4K to get your future Estonian bride.

Offline Dating Costs

Now that you already know the pricing of an online dating venture, it’s time to consider dating your lady offline. When visiting Estonia to date your lady in person, you should be ready for the following pricing:

  • The cost of a roundtrip ticket. There are many options that you can consider when booking a ticket. A great and affordable roundtrip ticket costs about $800.
  • Accommodation expenses. Although Estonia is a small country, there are tons of options for accommodation, from really cheap to quite expensive ones. Your 2-week stay will cost you about $2K.
  • Food and transportation. For food and transportation, you’ll spend around $1,5K within 2 weeks. This isn’t quite expensive when compared to other countries.

Of course, there are some additional costs if you want to pamper your lady, buy her gifts, and the like. So, your offline dating venture can cost you about $5K.

estonian woman

Wedding Tradition Of Estonia

You should know that weddings in Estonia are quite modern. But unlike other Western weddings, Estonian weddings are full of games and events. To make wedding ceremonies fun, there’s a special person called Pulmaisa. Before the most interesting part of the wedding starts, there’s an official ceremony.

When it comes to wedding dresses of Estonian brides, have a look at what the professional designer Mark Bumgarner says:

Mark Bumgarner
Professional designer

In some regions, it’s common for wedding attire to be quite traditional and well-decorated, yet in major cities like Tallinn, the trend is white wedding dresses with intricate details. Like in Western countries, the main color of wedding dresses is white.

Stag and hen parties are quite common, and they’re quite similar to the rite of American bachelor and bachelorette parties. What’s more, parties after official ceremonies are quite common, and they’re full of engaging games. But what about food on the wedding day?

When it comes to Estonian cuisine, it’s quite diverse. On wedding days, it’s common to be served a warm course and a cold course. The warm course menu will include dishes like meats, potatoes, sauerkraut, and the like. When it comes to the cold course menu, it’s common to see various salads, snack foods, and marinated dishes. And don’t forget about the wedding cake.

Top 7 Best Estonian Cities To Find A Wife

Are you planning to visit this amazing place? Well, it has great castles, a manor house, amazing nature, sandy beaches, festivals, and even more. If you’re in Estonia, you should know the best cities where you can have a higher chance to meet Estonian women. Here are they:

  • Tallinn.

It’s a fantastic blend of new and old in one city. This capital city offers a wide range of historic sites in addition to amazing nightlife.

  • Tartu.

Are you into beautiful young Estonian women? This university town is an amazing opportunity to meet charming locals at pubs, cafes, or restaurants.

  • Narva.

It’s one of the most interesting cities located close to the Russian border, and thus, there are many people who speak Russian fluently.

  • Parnu.

Do you love beaches? In this coastal town, you’ll indulge in the nightlife. There are great spots that you shouldn’t miss, in addition to sandy beaches.

  • Viljandi.

It’s a city of festivals, and it’s mainly known for The Viljandi Folk Music Festival. In addition, you can visit the Bonifatius Guild store to buy a bunch of handmade items.

  • Rakvere.

It’s quite popular among tourists for its old buildings, castle ruins, and amazing Lahemaa National Park. Besides, it has some cool natural spots.

  • Sillamae.

There are many enthusiasts who visit this place to enjoy Soviet-era architecture. One of the main spots is a wide boulevard that leads to the sea.

Don’t forget that Estonia has more than 200 islands in addition to a variety of tourist zones and resorts.

estonian bride photo

Most Popular Brides From Estonia

What does a typical Estonian woman look like? I can assure you that Estonia brides are mainly blonde women with green or blue eyes, higher cheekbones, slim bodies, and appealing looks. If you wonder how beautiful they can be, have a look at some popular Estonian ladies:

  • Karmen Pedaru. Born in 1990, she’s one of the most famous fashion models from Estonia. Known for her slim body, high cheekbones, and mesmerizing eyes, Karmen is now quite active on social media platforms.
  • Birgit Sarrap. Birgit is one of the most popular singers in Estonia. With her model-like physical features, she’s also renowned for her unearthly charm and elegance. She rose to prominence by becoming a winner at the show Estonia Is Looking For A Superstar.
  • Madli Vilsar. She’s definitely one of the sexiest women alive. Known for her unearthly charm and elegance, Madli is a professional model. She’s known for holding the title of Miss Estonia 2011. She continues her career as a supermodel.
  • Carmen Kass. Born in 1978, Carmen is considered one of the most professional models representing Estonia. What’s more, she’s a former politician, not to mention she’s also a professional actress in Estonia.

No doubt these women are really mesmerizing, so visit their Instagram accounts and learn more about their appealing looks. 

Final Thoughts

Estonian mail order brides are among the most charming European ladies you can meet on top dating sites. Although modern and quite career-oriented, Estonian brides make great life partners. If you want to find your future bride from Estonia, you just need a reliable dating website offering a wide range of Estonian women for marriage.


How much is an Estonian bride’s price?

To get Estonian brides, you might need to spend about $11K. This price includes expenses for both online and offline dating. With frugal spending, you can spend a bit less.

What do Estonian brides wear?

White dresses are common in Estonia. Being one of the European countries with more modern values, it’s not surprising that wedding dresses are similar to the ones in Western countries.

What is an Estonian mail order bride?

An Estonian mail order bride is a woman for marriage and commitment who’ll be interested in dating Western guys.

Where to find an Estonian bride?

One of the top places to meet your future Estonian bride is an online dating platform like Jolly Romance. If you’re interested in popular offline spots, you should visit places like Old Town in Tallinn, Matsalu National Park, and Toompea Hill.

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