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Singapore Brides: Find Your Singapore Mail Order Bride Online

Singapore Brides: Find Your Singapore Mail Order Bride Online
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Visiting Singapore means visiting a world of architectural wonders and culinary delights in addition to great spots that you shouldn’t miss. Thanks to its multicultural atmosphere, you’ll get a chance to discover a unique place. Still, the best thing about this country is Singapore brides, charming ladies waiting for your attention.

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Let’s be honest that not all of you have come across mail order brides from Singapore, and this is one of the main reasons why I think you need to know more about them. Singaporean women for marriage are quite overlooked, yet you should not forget that they’re ideal for dating and creating strong bonds. If interested, follow this guide on Singaporean brides.

Why Singapore Mail Order Bride?

I’m sure that you might wonder why you should consider Singapore mail order brides when there are so many Asian mail order wives. Well, I can say that dating these women has many cool perks, and it’s time to consider some of them.

Nature Lovers

When dating these women, you’ll be amazed by how much they like nature. Singapore is full of green zones. This country is also known for being a really clean place. So, the people there are quite neat. This is also true about Singapore women.

Disciplined Women

If you’re into well-disciplined and punctual ladies like those in Germany and Austria, you’ll definitely love women from Singapore. Well, that’s not surprising if you know that Singapore is considered a country of strict rules and fines.

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Combination Of Modern And Traditional Values

It’s worth mentioning that Singapore ladies are loyal and devoted to their families. They’re renowned for having family values, making them ideal for marriage. But they’re also modern, so they don’t rush to get married before 30.

Well-educated Singapore Girls

If you think that these Asian women are not educated, you’re completely wrong. Instead, I’m sure you should know that Singapore is one of the best places with the highest education levels. It’s now full of universities that are among the most popular in the world. Better education conditions have resulted in a well-educated generation of Singaporean girls.

Patient Women

Did you know that Singapore is also known for being a place of queues? Singaporean people are quite patient when it comes to getting what they want. So, in the land of queues, you’ll not have problems finding an ideal life partner who’ll always be patient with you.

Good At English

A typical Singaporean girl will be fluent in English, so forget about the language barrier when looking for Singapore ladies on dating sites or offline. English is common in daily life, leading to the phenomenon of Singlish, blending the local language with English.

Cons Of Dating Singaporean Singles

Now it’s time to consider some setbacks of dating these women. Why a Singapore mail order bride might be not good for marriage? Maybe, it’s because she’s quite independent. She’s a strong lady with her own aspirations. Or she’s also quite straightforward. A typical Singapore bride won’t hide anything, and some men might not want to hear the truth.

What’s more, it’s a fact that a typical Singapore girl is known for her habit of complaining. She might complain about everything. This means you should be quite considerate when dating her. Still, I can assure you that the better sides of a Singaporean lady outnumber her bad ones.

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Who Is A Singapore Mail Order Bride?

Simply put, Singapore mail order brides are foreign brides you can meet on dating sites. A Singapore woman on these sites might want to become your Singaporean wife, as she’s interested in creating bonds with a foreign man due to various reasons.

One of the main reasons is a chance to meet a decent man who’ll value her. What’s more, Singapore girls are interested in finding more modern partners from Western countries. Or she might want to change her life and make it better. Now that you know who Singapore mail order brides are, it’s time for me to describe you more about them.

How Do Mail Order Brides Work?

If you want to meet your future Singapore lady, you need to find a good dating site. This website should offer professional online dating services to help you connect with someone special. She’ll be your ideal match.

Register, create a new account, and start looking for your potential match. Detailed profiles will help you navigate the myriads of Singapore brides. Once you find someone you can be interested in, you will dedicate your time and attention to her.

After you are completely sure that your emotions and expectations are mutual with your lady, you might want to take further steps. In other words, your next step will be meeting your partner in person. So, this is a journey from online to offline dating.

Are Singapore Brides Legal?

Definitely, they are legal. There’s no legal obstacle when it comes to getting Singapore brides. You just need to find a decent dating platform to meet real women from Singapore. What’s more, you’ll have to stick to immigration laws to bring your future wife to your country.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Singapore Bride?

I should say that getting a mail order wife will always entail costs that you should be ready for. The price of your venture will be based on both online and offline expenses. Let’s break down these costs.

Online Dating Costs

When dating online, it’s common to pick a dating website offering a credit system. It’s more cost-effective, as you’ll control how much you spend. On the most popular websites, you’ll find the following price list of credits:

  • $9.99 – 20 credits;
  • $19.99 – 50 credits;
  • $44.99 – 125 credits;
  • $69.99 – 250 credits;
  • $149.99 – 750 credits.

You’ll spend these credits on communication tools, sending virtual and real gifts, and additional expenses. Overall, you might spend more than $4K on different services to meet your special Singapore bride.

Offline Dating Costs

Let’s say you want to visit your lady. This is where you need to know what this offline venture will cost you, and here’s a detailed overview of prices:

  • Ticket to Singapore. If you search carefully, you’ll be able to find quite reasonable roundtrip tickets to Singapore, with prices ranging from $760 to $1,040.
  • Accommodation. Singapore isn’t one of the cheapest places to stay, and it might cost you more than $2K to stay there for 2 weeks.
  • Food and transportation. Thanks to the abundance of cafes, restaurants, and hawker centers, you won’t have to spend a lot on food. The same can be said about transportation. In 2 weeks, you’ll spend about $1K.

If you want to spoil your lady, you might buy her some gifts. This is where your costs will depend on your generosity. On average, an offline dating venture will cost you something between $4K and $6K.

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Wedding Traditions Of Singapore

Although Singapore is a small country, there are many interesting ethnic groups. This explains why there are some interesting wedding traditions. Tang Yuan is a traditional food offered by the groom to his bride. The dish of sweet rice is a symbol of a beginning and harmony.

Among the wedding traditions, you can see the henna ceremony. Brides are adorned with henna, a natural dye used for special occasions. Overall, wedding traditions will vary depending on the ethnic division and religion of the bride and groom. When it comes to choosing the right wedding dress, have a glance at what professional designer Inbar Dror says:

Inbal Dror
Inbal Dror
Fashion Designer

In Singapore, weddings are not like those in Western countries. Wedding dresses should be carefully chosen based on the taste of the bride and her groom. Still, white dresses are getting common. Singapore brides can wear their traditional dresses, and the day later, they might opt for wearing formal white wedding dresses.

Modern weddings will entail some parties after the official ceremony. Such parties will be full of events where guests can indulge in a more casual atmosphere. When talking about weddings entailing religious rituals, such parties might be limited to family gatherings.

When it comes to wedding menus, it’s a blend of national and Western dishes. You’ll get a chance to start with appetizers that will include chicken feet, sliced meat, etc. Among the main dishes, you can find scallops, lobsters, sea cucumber, noodles, fish, etc. And don’t forget about the special cake as a dessert.

Top 7 Best Singapore Cities

Singapore is considered to be an island country and a city-state at the same time. So, the capital of Singapore is simply Singapore. However, there are some towns nearby. If you’re in this place, here are the main places that you should visit:

  • Singapore.

The main part of this country is the capital itself. This is quite a large place full of interesting spots where you can meet your charming lady.

  • Jurong East.

It’s quite a popular place, and it’s located in the Western area of Singapore. This modern town offers places like Yuhua Village Neighborhood, Jurong Country Club, Pandan Gardens Leisure Park, and so on.

  • Yishun.

It’s a residential town in Singapore. Among the most popular spots in this place, you’ll find various temples and churches. Besides, it has some decent restaurants and cafes.

  • Bukit Batok.

This is a well-planned area that forms this place. It’s not quite populated when compared to other towns in Singapore. Still, it offers a wide range of natural spots like Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Bukit Timah Hill, And Rifle Range Nature Park.

  • Pulau Ujong.

If you’re into beaches, this is the best place to visit. It’ll offer places like East Coast Beach, Palawan Beach, and Castle Beach.

  • Tampines.

It’s quite a large place in Singapore, and it offers a wide range of luxurious spots. Besides, it’s known for its amazing parks and gardens.

  • Tengah.

It was once a restricted and militarized town, but now it offers amazing spots like Snow City, Japanese Garden, Science Center Singapore, etc.

Overall, Singapore will never disappoint you with its unique spots where you can easily meet charming locals.

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Most Popular Brides From Singapore

Singapore brides are elegant and aware of makeup trends, so they’re charming and cute. Western men like you can be mesmerized by their gorgeous looks and slim bodies. Here are some popular Singapore women worth mentioning:

  • Win Ting. She’s an appealing woman with a cute look. She’s a popular star in Singapore, known for her slim body and charming face with large eyes.
  • Dana Sopah. When it comes to local celebrities, Dana Sopah is definitely one of them. Her striking facial features, perfect body shape, and thin waist make her stand out.
  • Natalia. When it comes to Singapore beauty standards, Natalia is one of the first ladies to think about. She’s the epitome of Singapore charm and elegance.

Overall, Singapore ladies can be considered elegant, cute, and mesmerizing ladies you can meet on top dating sites. 


I’m sure that Singapore brides are ideal for marriage, as they’re reliable, smart, and charming. You’ll never regret creating bonds with them, and you just need a good dating site to meet them.


How much Is the Singaporean bride price?

You’ll have to spend about $10K to get a Singaporean mail order wife, including both online and offline dating costs.

What do Singaporean brides wear?

Nowadays, white dresses are getting common, but you can still come across some traditional wedding dresses.

What is a Singaporean mail order bride?

She’s a woman for marriage you can find and date on mail order bride platforms. A Singaporean mail order bride is interested in meeting Western men.

Where to find a Singaporean mail order bride?

Eastern Honeys is an amazing dating website to meet Singaporean ladies for marriage, but if you’re interested in offline dating spots check these places: Marina Bay Sands, Orchard Road, and Singapore Flyer.

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